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"Frost of spot of ancient rhyme dispel " mercuric content exceeds bid badly
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According to standard of national cosmetic sanitation, spot of beautiful white dispel kind in cosmetic, mercuric content does not get prep above kilogram of 1 milligram / . But fish of the branch that defend inspect, "Frost of spot of ancient rhyme dispel " mercuric content amounts to kilogram of 562 milligram / unexpectedly.

Yesterday, province sanitation supervised place to report spot of beautiful to 18 kinds white dispel the sampling observation result that apperception makeup tastes, "Frost of spot of ancient rhyme dispel " because approve civil already expired, mercuric content exceeds bid badly, be by assess unqualified.

Selective examination unqualified " frost of spot of Gu Yun dispel " , by the the Changsha City hairdressing of Ou Lilai opening blessing beautifies hair sale of things commercial firm, batch civil be " defend makeup special word (2003) the 0274th " .

Province sanitation supervises place environment sanitation to supervise Cao Chaohui of division section chief to introduce, because mercury is had short-term inside the function that nigrify pigment drops, a lot of illegal businesses use its do sth without authorization in the product. After the mercuric classics skin in cosmetic is absorbed, meeting deposit is inside human body, cause chronic mercurialism, return what can cause human body skeleton, tooth and liver kidney function badly to damage.