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The beautiful white cookbook of different position
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Each place has the body different beautiful white recipe.

Facial thick black dietotherapy

Nutrition of healthy state, food, lifestyle and wash a face to make up metropolis influence cutaneous is pretty. Chang Zaiyang issues insolate solely, the skin can blacken, if abuse face film cosmetic, facial skin can be added thick. Motherland medicine thinks complexion is nigrescent blood of essence of the much empty that it is kidney is not worth be caused by, but to be taken orally the filling kidney medicaments such as bolus of 6 flavour glutinous rehmannia. The congee of dried human placenta in dietotherapy square, have beneficial to enrage essence of filling kidney, beneficial to raise hematic effect: Congee of longan of wild jujube benevolence square, apply to heart disposition blood to be not worth the face skin thickening of be caused by, ginseng yam congee square, apply to gas to decline the pollen of nectar source of complexion An yellow; that cause can eliminate facial shading, make appearance tender white, peach blossom food most apply to diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain not easy, travel blood not the countenance grey An of free be caused by does not have China person: As " water precious cate " predacious diving beetle, but decoct, but scamper, can fry, have filling kidney and the effect that repair subcutaneous tissue, can go up except the face dark the gas that basks in brown.

The dietotherapy with cervical black coarse

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine learns to think: Heart deficient blood is little, before cervical greenish yellow is dim: Gloomy of diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain writtens guarantee, hind sluggish of blood of lienal empty of; of cervical skin Hei Qing, cervical skin is black thick. Because cervical skin and facial department posture are compared, lack thicker adipose layer, circulate plus blood poorer, cause Hei Songchi of neck skin coarse very easily, generation furrow. Nevertheless, use effective dietotherapy, what can make coarse black is cervical turn into attractive jade neck. Nucleic acid is the nutrient food of first selection, japanese scientist discovers, the female is daily take nucleic acid 800 Mg, after a month, cervical skin can become white tender inviting. The food that contains a lot ofnucleic acid has fish, shrimp, yeasty, liver, dawdle, agaric, pollen to wait. The tradition that rice congee is beautiful neck is prandial, red jujube, Su Mi provides beneficial gas to raise the effect of flesh of abundant of skin of blood, embellish, the person that apply to weak be caused by of lienal empty blood.

The dietotherapy with lumbar black abdomen

A lot of reasons such as wine of smoking, be addicted to, overworked and disease can bring about a waist abdominal occurrence circuit is thick black declining mark. Be used to the person that forces chatelaine closely especially, because oppress influence blood circulates all the year round, its waist skin often appears black group. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is dirty bright learn to think, when empty of lienal deficient kidney, the function that carry of the five internal organs changes essence of life to enrage is maladjusted, make flow to lumbar and joint dish gas blood decreases, lumbar abdomen forms a coarse and flabby black skin group. The measure of prevention and cure is to insist to eat cereal, vegetable, fruit, the calcium that contains among them, Potassium, natrium, magnesium a variety of mineral it is food of beautiful skin optimal. Vitamin C is the essential part that makes skin cell material, maintain the waist to connect the balance that shows gender and pigment suppression hemally to cannot leave it. Traditional and prandial a medium black rice congee square, have the effect of kidney of liver of color of skin of filling gas blood, Yue, beneficial, apply to lumbar abdomen aching and limp, decline mark is nigrescent person. Additional, often eat the insect such as silk moth, young cicada to also have beautiful effect, because a variety of 20 dissociate are contained in this kind of cate amino acid, the skin that is ideal is strong and handsome material.
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