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Join joy to catch hair action to experience healthy and glaring show to send
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Why to still catch hair? Whether to acquire hair agent in concern is pungent odour intolerable? Whether to catch in concern qualitative meeting is sent to become flimsy after hair, bifurcate knot? Whether to send lubricious meeting in concern bleak because of this without light, withered and yellow, is fine long hair lacklustre but character? Whether worrying too the color that jump and figure not conform to, so tardy not venture? The white hair that whether worrying about a few cannot by very good cover? Whether still fearing the charge of the coloring that send inn in major will be very breathtaking?

From now on after the head that these problems can be thrown completely, those who do not have ammonia is gentle protect hair catch hair agent to be born! Elegant Ke Siying of Parisian Europe Lai catchs the Casting that send frost blandly, its gentle recipe, can make catch late lubricious nature jade-like stone bright, beautiful hair is soft and attractive, white hair of downy cover, lifted a family expenses that do not have ammonia to catch the new revolution of hair.

Well-known, catch hair can damage hair is qualitative, as a result of,this is before traditional family expenses catchs hair product to have stronger covering power mostly, the wool scale that becomes branch to publish a layer through opening a head because of the ammonia that contains among them will help hair implementation carry shallow with chromatically, and won't let time elapse and fade. Although this kind of method can have permanent effect, but skin of hair letting hair has damaged, so traditional family expenses catchs hair product to often can be harmed hair is qualitative, make catch late look bleak, withered and yellow, flimsy, without burnish, fine long hair is lacklustre.

Now, ke Siying catchs hair frost to resolve double trouble for your beautiful hair blandly: Without ammoniac recipe, acquire hair product than traditional family expenses gentler; Caress beautiful hair, beautiful hair is more natural after making catch jade-like stone bright, the burnish like glaring silk...

Ke Siying catchs hair frost has been a tradition no longer to acquire hair product blandly, it has upgraded to beautify hair for a kind product: It is gentle action Yu Xiufa, in marcel or straight hair two week hind can be used, its patent embellish delivers part but deepness is alimentary hair silk is in-house, improvement is sent qualitative, if the Ling Xiufa after catching is the softness like silk, suitable slip, filar silk is glaring and attractive glorious! And the exciting odour that it cast off a tradition to acquire hair product, light scent makes him be caught in the home hair become a kind cheerful enjoy.

Ke Siying catchs the high-tech that sends frost to bring beautiful hair to lift shallow result blandly blandly, add colour and lustre, make the change that deliver quality more delicate, more substantial. In the meantime, every recipe that deliver quality passes repeatedly consider: Scale of the collocation of color of changes in temperature, each composition passes Asian hair repeatedly debug, bring 11 Rou Liang that suit Chinese female finally to deliver quality, for Asian female's depressing palm black hair color adds vigor, among them 5 new look more hold a white hair covering power concurrently, the person that has a few white hair additionally also can find those who suit his jade-like stone bright hair is lubricious!
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