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Catch up with flavor demand footstep is natural flavor latent capacity remains t
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3, commercialization and commercialize degree low. Of quick frozen food and functional food, convenient food, microwave food arisen with promotion, the development open up that is edible flavor more wide market perspective. Additional, as life rhythm accelerate the development that reachs tourism, convenient food also has greater progress, the synchronism that drove new-style and compound flavoring thereby develops, make flavor flavor market is valued. Of the market tremendous and apparent beyond question, but the brand is a pendent old issue however, the situation with cannot be held back enters foreign brand billowily market of our country flavor. As a result of our country natural perfume line of business does not have famous brand product at present, because this also does not have the market on real significance,develop. Besides afore-mentioned markets that make edible flavor and additive perfume, the market of other still is in growth phase. The perfume that uses natural spice partly once whole nation of be on sale, but essential have not builds the brand rise.

4, did not enter medical treatment field. Medical group appears to already proved, balmy therapeutics to inferior a few diseases below health have very good curative effect really. Abroad is in early old before, provide a service to the patient with respect to will balmy therapeutics, every domain that waits for the health around the person to medical health care from hydrotherapy of domestic Ju Fangxiang, bath has the presence of essence oil. And at present the scientific research of balmy therapeutics basically is in our country development phase. The resource of natural and balmy plant that the medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine of our country tradition learns and abounds, having favourable requirement to the application of balmy therapeutics and development, if our country begins the scientific research of balmy therapeutics actively, development goes the high grade balmy therapeutics cosmetic that has Chinese distinguishing feature, will drive the development of natural perfume line of business well.

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