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Big S: Scented tea has a beauty
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Appropriate collocation: Rose, all over the sky star, mint, violet, bodhi child, grass of pot marigold, rosemary, sweet-scented osmanthus, horsewhip.

Develop bubble way: Will dry foreign Gan Ju makes an appointment with two teaspoon, develop bubble with boiled water, stew restricts half an hour, drink add honey, very melting and goluptious.

Spend character tea language: Be full of the tea of flowers and plants of care, the softest the strongest also volume.

Stimulative metabolization, moist skin: Lavender

The fragrance of lavender is exceedingly wonderful, contain its to protect skin to taste, have remove fatigue, promote divide metabolization newly, the effect of moist skin.

Lavender can adjust wrong mentation, can alleviate excited mood. To the sisters of easy carsick, easy insecurity, often wipe some of lavender essence oil on forehead, can loosen sensitive nerve effectively. Still can reduce have a headache, sore throat, have remove fatigue, promote divide metabolization newly, the effect of moist skin. Improvement has a headache migraine, eliminate exhaustion, stabilize blood pressure.

Big S beautiful skin forgets fully: The faint scent that purple floret place sends out is very inviting, also be one of oil of essence of life with the most extensive use in balmy therapeutics, lavender is the water of production Gu Long, important flavor that washs the bath product such as hair essence all the time. In fact, ancient lavender still has the very powerful force that fight bacterium, so multi-purpose lavender comes bubble bath and clean cut, can accelerate cut heal, still can desalt scar, let sisters get hurt not to leave scar.

Appropriate collocation: Rose, pot marigold, sage, foreign Gan Ju, bodhi child, violet, mint, jasmine.

Develop bubble way: Like quietly elegant faint scent one cannikin needs 8 lavender only; If you like a flower sweet full-bodied, one cannikin makes an appointment with a handful, develop bubble with boiled water, stew restricts half an hour, can drink according to individual hobby add rock candy, honey.

Spend character tea language: The purple empress in sweetgrass plant.

Good a jasmine flower, spoke a jasmine flower

The jasmine flower has very big effect to improving lethargy and angst appearance, maladjusted to chronic stomach trouble, period also have effect. Intestines and stomach is unwell, uterine health care, dizziness calms the nerves. Jasmine flower and bubble of 沖 of pink rose collocation are drinkable the effect that has thin body.

Tea of flowers and plants is genetic

Big S beautiful skin forgets fully: I not only like a jasmine flower this song, what still like a jasmine flower is holy, a faint fragrance. Leisure when on bubble one cup of reeky jasmine scented tea, not only can regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it is acetanilide, lukewarm counteract system of immunity of oneself of detoxify of stomach, detumescence, aggrandizement, return the effect that can have antiphlogistic relieve internal heat or fever to sore poison. If have,constipation can drink sisters more bit of jasmine flower tea, because the jasmine flower can conduce to eduction body endotoxin, fighting sweet flesh of skin of anile, embellish, thin body has distinct effect.
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