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Big S: Scented tea has a beauty
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Appropriate collocation: Chrysanthemum of foreign of one's own accord of flower of Dai of rose, Dai, mint, fennel, pot marigold, sweet-scented osmanthus, rosemary.

Develop bubble way: With 2 teaspoon dry jasmine flower adds the green tea of 3 teaspoon or bag of a black tea, develop bubble with boiled water. Its scent is sniffed before drinking, faint scent is tangy.

Body of alimentary skin, fine: Ginkgo tea

Ginkgo leaf is among numerous leaf, be better. come to an agreement or understanding, it is its use value, and have increase capacity of human body immunity, delay the action such as consenescence.

Appropriate collocation: In ginkgo tea when unfavorable collocation any flowers and plants.

Develop bubble way: In immersing the ginkgo of 2 spoon to heat up boiled water at a cup, 10-15 after minute can drinkable.

Spend character tea language: Chasteness symbolizes highly

Big S beautiful skin forgets fully: Sisters besides should notice to maintain in dietary respect, the side handles in clean illicit more want the intention. Drink ginkgo tea, not only increase cerebrum memory, still can enhance body strength. I still can be used a few contain ginkgo elite maintain article will avoid skin premature ageing. I like to use especially collect dew of bath of deep and remote private parts, caress my special place, collect deep and remote besides contain natural lactic acid, extractive still the plant elite such as grass of ginkgo, gold moxa, alimentary private parts skins, pledge without black low foam recipe, bilge of private parts of more complete dispel, after using more Shu Shuang, clean, still can be far from indelicate odour and stick feeling. Collect deep and remote not only can be at ease everyday use, still suit sensitive skin.

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