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Hairdressing protects the wind of the Japan of skin bound
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Arrive from hairdressing dress, be used to behavior means from food, always have a flock of dutiful " breath out day a group of things with common features " dress eastwards every day. "Dong Ying's wind " right all the time Asia, especially China is having very immediate effect. Really, japanese, especially Japanese woman, the pursuit to beautiful appearance, elegant temperament is clinging to extremely, and the bold strange kind that tried a lot of expect letting a person to be less than.

"Anhydrous " female

Say those who do to the woman is water, think the belle of spirit of a fresh and juicy, how to go from boiled water? But the progress as the society, of life rhythm accelerate, "Anhydrous " the female appears sadly in Japan. Alleged " anhydrous " female, not be to say they do not drink water, however they simplify the basic course in the life need not water. But this does not mean them not to love cleanness, life slovenly. Contrary, they will " anhydrous " the time passes neatly, agile.

The face is washed after getting up in the morning, those who choose is one kind need not the clean cream that water cleans, them even ground daub at the cheek, the face tissues erase that uses softness next can. Pattern of range of this kind of clean already clean skin moist skin, kill two birds with one stone of it may be said.

What when having a meal, use is one-time bowl chopsticks, have dinner ends to throw away namely, the dirty bowl dirty chopsticks after lest is a meal is anxious.

What underwear wears is papery, permeability can be good, wear refuse, convenient wholesome. As to coat or trousers, can send cleaner's to ask a person to do sth for sb, wash, catch, hot one continuous line serves, remand again before when, already was brand-new be like the dress first.

" do they bathe also need not water? " YES! They bathe also need not water! Use a kind of special bath syrup however. Show bath daub at the whole body, reoccupy paper towel obliterates, with respect to the effect that can have clean skin. Allegedly, this kind " anhydrous " bathing method, still can prevent disease of female arthritis, damp and hot appear.

"Anhydrous " lifestyle saves time, energy, can achieve more satisfactory hairdressing result more, it is a kind of challenge of pair of traditional way of life, become a kind of fashion gradually in the Japanese woman that has lead consciousness.

Rice husk cosmetic

A few enterprises of Japan rolled out a kind to make the hairdressing cosmetic that go out with rice husk, get the welcome of woman customer.

According to research, contain in rice husk all sorts of vitaminic, enzymatic reach food fiber, have certain effect to promoting skin metabolism, inositol of ― of another kind of in rice husk useful composition, can prevent rectum cancer and breast cancer to wait, maladjusted to autonomic nerve disease and obstacle of the turn of life also have the Gu Weisu in rice husk certain curative effect. Because this gets broad female support.
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