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Hairdressing protects the wind of the Japan of skin bound
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Urea hairdressing

Japanese female advocates all along in the respect that protect skin natural, favour is natural raw material, for beautiful cheek, they are willing to try everything to be able to achieve the thing of hairdressing effect, protect wet action to be understood by people gradually to cutaneous as urea, agricultural the attention that urea begins to cause Japanese woman again, abstain with urea make up the female of water is added greatly much.

The urea that they will buy is dissolved with water, join the glycerine that buys from drugstore to protect wet agent to abstain make up water, everyday morning and evening uses Tu Yu facial with both hands, the effect is extremely apparent, the skin after using very moist is smooth.

Allegedly urea has purify skin skin corneous layer and hold the action with moist skin. This kind contain urea protect wet agent to suit the person with rude skin to use particularly, and have side effect hardly.

This shows, japanese female chooses to protect skin to taste, in pay attention to scientific sex while, pay attention to economic effect more.

Black charcoal hairdressing

Just when each big cosmetic brand turns the world energetically,give beautiful white product, everybody hallooes " the United States is white " catchword when, japanese forges the new decision that makes hairdressing with black charcoal however. The black charcoal that Japanese hairdressing place uses, it is the lumber classics that uses a kind of heat-resisting centigrade 1000 degrees high temperature burns, try to abstract and be formed next, have absorb the microbial effect inside pore, but the bilge of purify skin surface and redundant grease, suit most all the day the person that glossy is full of.

A minute of the grandma washing a face that Japanese hairdressing businessman rolled out OK and cleared grease with this kind of black charcoal, face film that get effective, cure opens fork to break of hair wash hair shampoo to wait a series of cosmetic a moment, although these makeup,things looks be pitch-dark, still have the taste of a prepared Chinese ink, but got Japanese woman however favor all the more.

Briny hairdressing

Use briny hairdressing method, consider be secondary from economic angle, basically be the hairdressing result that can get expect to be less than. It is the grease with redundant ministry of OK and cleared face, acne, black the cutin of head and skin surface and bilge. Pass the salt hairdressing that controls one week commonly, can make facial appear give a kind of fresh and tender, transparent simple sense. Briny hairdressing law is used at the whole body, can promote systemic cutaneous metabolism, prophylaxis and treatment is certain dermatosis, have effect of ego health care.

The salt that briny hairdressing place uses is the fine salt with saline fine bead. The method goes easily simply, concrete step is: Put spoonful fine salt leftward the centre of the palm, add water 23, the finger tip that uses right hand forefinger changes saline inkstone carefully. Oily skin, sheet uses brine can. Drying skin, but spoonful water-solubility or weak oily massage frost adds salt solution at the same time in smooth, the attention does not stay have grain. After normal clean face, dipping in with finger tip brine, from frontal ministry and buccal ministry daub of ground of from above to below, do by the side of Bian Tu annular massage, every place massages 3 ~ 5 times, the gimmick when massaging should gentle, cannot too forcibly, do not be appropriate strength aglow with the skin. After 5 minutes, when waiting for the brine on the face to work to submit whitening form fully, go with tepid bath first saline pink, rinse brine clean with tap water again, fluid of the nutrition on final blot out or nutrition breed can. After morning and evening washs a face, had better undertake 1 times each everyday.
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