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Hairdressing protects the wind of the Japan of skin bound
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Attention: The person that belong to irritability skin, answer to be the brine of mix up first after artifice inside or forehead are applicable, be in again facial undertake massage.

Cannot be briny besmear all round the eye, lest briny be soiled hurts eye conjunctiva.

Extreme vogue

Alleged " extreme vogue " , put illuminative emphasis in the ministry of fingernail, head, foot center that is far from the body namely the place of ministry of positional ― hilum. Nowadays, sheet cannot have reflected the youth's style and personality completely by dress, because this needs to use all petty places, come project oneself.

Japanese girl, the Japanese girl that lodges for the night to see formerly in Tokyo especially on the shopping mall of the area, often be the fingernail that comparing oneself each other, what the fingernail that who sees dresses up is more dazzling, moderner, have a color more. Although the surface of fingernail is small, but the girl above make great efforts especially, besmear chromatically colour the fingernail of each different is oily, again above all sorts of design on the picture, or curious and eccentric or exquisite is chic, what your both hands becomes unusual is conspicuous and the line of sight that deprive a person. And the girl dresses up the fingernail on the hand so not just, the toenail on the foot also is such, through those color the super high-heeled shoes of empty record of gorgeous, net can see a girl people also besmear likewise full the fingernail with gorgeous of all kinds is oily, above overgrow the toe that all sorts of configuration spend grass of flowers and plants.

Japanese boy " extreme vogue " is the head mainly. They can choose the cap with all sorts of eccentric modelling, it is inside different situation and day, choose different cap, in order to shows him savour and individual character.

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