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Joint-stock annex, tender ground " dry " native land brand
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Transnational corporation, tender ground murders competitive brand

The brand is to connect the aeriform ligament of consumer and enterprise and product, a strong brand is the argument that invites him consumer preference, also be the argument that invites consumer to be willing to pay higher price, the brand is a boat, the product is goods, in the hand that the product had a brand to just may reach consumer only. Do not have a boat to come into stock to be able to use the boat of others at high price only, and had a boat to install what goods to have very big initiative. The joint ventures has the access of certain time limit only to respective and original brand, because all without exception of this both sides wants to use cooperative platform to make his brand,do greatly strong, and whether the goal that achieves oneself depends on each palm in the joint ventures controls right. Indigenous industry is in joint-stock when often own share under the foreign enterprise, because this lost decision-making administrative power, him person that can look helplessly only the brand bleeds slowly and have no alternative. Transnational corporation acquired higher proportional share in joint-stock initial stage, pass ceaselessly again in subsequently collaboration add endowment cross come in dilute square share. After administrative power of company of transnational corporation control, through cold storage, amlposition, overdraw wait for means, native land and joint-stock brand each tenderness ground " dry "

1, cold storage law: Abandon to native land brand need not, hold the post of its ageing. Masterpiece: Guangzhou wave is strange

Guangzhou billow surprises once was second of rank of whole nation of washing powder sale well-known trademark, enter in Bao Jie endowment hind, treasure clean company considers Guangdong is open province, people is recipient newly emerging things, they rolled out the production that green jade billow halted billow with washing powder of discard be soiled to surprise and sale directly, because consumer cannot see a product also any information that have no way learns concerned billow to surprise, such wave are strange slowly in the eye shot from people retired.

2, amlposition law: Factitious ground changes the fixed position of native land brand, make crowd of product deviate target, brand gradually withered. Masterpiece: Panda washing powder and beauty add clean toothpaste

Beijing panda washing powder is originally therein keep out a brand, treasure raised its price however after clean company is joint-stock, make its reached the price level of discard be soiled, because sensory price turns high and its Laogu's guest chooses other trademark; The United States adds clean toothpaste to be located in high school to block a product surely so, joint-stock hind combined benefit China to fall its price however, result because its target crowd feels insufficient class and abandoned the consumption to its.

3, overdraw law: Wrong brand undertakes safeguard and promoting, the force that uses original brand earns profit and will breed foreign capital brand, value of native land brand overdraws, brand force drops ceaselessly. Masterpiece: The United States is added clean
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