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Entrance of soja of second half of the year is added fast or because of,put dela

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Entrance of soja of Chinese second half of the year may put delay, because domestic soybean bumper harvest will make,the demand of entrance soja decreases. Chinese soja imported an amount first half of the year 2008 relatively on year the corresponding period grows 24% considerably.
Analyst and market personage express, dropping of domestic soybean crop considerably 2007 is the one big reason that brings about an entrance to increase, but inventory state already was improved greatly, and the soybean bumper harvest in anticipating will continue to alleviate below the circumstance in slow down in demand supply pressure.
Limited company of earth futures broker (Dadi Futures Brokerage. ) analyst Gao Yunyue expresses, soja of second half of the year imports an amount this year likelihood and the standard of second half of the year is roughly same last year, rise because of inflationary acceleration consumption of keep within limits.
Second half of the year imported China 2007 soja 1, 6.97 million tons, relatively go up growth of year of the corresponding period 19% . Soja import volume is added first half of the year this year to 1, 7.23 million tons, was first half of the year last year 1, 3.85 million tons.
Center of oily information of Chinese country grain (China National Grain And Oils Information Center, abbreviation CNGOIC) estimates, china after experiencing severe male drought soybean crop fell 2007 2.1 million tons, to 1, 3 million tons, fall for 14% , but a lot of analysts think, actual output is potential far under afore-mentioned numbers.
According to the data that CNGOIC provides, since spring begins weather is good all the time, add soja to cultivate an area to increase, may drive soybean crop was added 2008 to 1, 6.5 million tons, relatively grew 27% 2007.
Soja is supplied increase, but demand goes weak
Association of Chinese feed industry (China Feed Industry Association, abbreviation CFIA) does not wish the official of sign one's name shows, before this year 6 months, chinese feed output grows 11% , to 5, 9 million tons, and total 2008 output is potential relatively grew 10%-15% last year.
He expresses, the beans dregses of rice to occupy 20%-30% in Chinese feed total output normally, but the beans dregses of rice this year crop is added fast will under feed total output is added fast.
Record-breaking this year new tall beans dregses of rice the price makes a lot of fowl breed door maintain careful and wait-and-see attitude, although be below the circumstance that pork price rises, live pig breed aquatics still profitable.
An investigation of CFIA shows, at present a lot of fowl breed door incur loss, connect large breed aquatics even the enterprise also can fetch meager gain only or just balance of profit and loss.
Analysts predict, volume of import of soja of Chinese second half of the year will be in 1, 7 million - 1, 8 million tons, annual import volume will be achieved this year 3, 4 million - 3, 5 million tons, relatively go up 10%-14% of year of growth of the corresponding period.
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