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Whole of price of corn of home of the 2nd quarter is firm in have litre

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This year the 2nd quarter, get a country level of inventory of corn of macroscopical policy adjusting control, farmer yield a division falls ceaselessly and demand of feed breed aquatics is in restore to grow the element such as level to be affected jointly, whole of value of domestic corn market appears firm in have litre of run mode power, tend in perch gradually smooth. North of its middle east produces area corn market to suffer situation of supply and demand to show nervous element influence to go up slightly sign is relatively clear, its all valence (unit: Yuan / ton) be in 1450, 1600, accumulative total goes up in 70, 150; And inside Shanghaiguan produces area and price of the southern corn that sell a division to go up north produces a weak Yu Dong area, extent 10, 60 differ. Be opposite now analysis of market of corn of home of the 2nd quarter reported as follows 2008:
One, market level of corn of 2 quarters home reviews
Domestic corn market is in experience this year after small first quarter fluctuant prices, enter the 2nd quarter, price of corn of domestic major area already tended stage by stage smooth, local even sole rebounds; Enter especially since May, whole of value of domestic corn market go up steadily raise. North of its middle east produces area farmer at spring ploughing, commissariat sale decreases, at the same time as policy sex " the carry austral boreal grain " the work is extensive concentration spreads out, market supply of goods decreases further, impose a state store close store the plan undertakes the phenomenon happens from time to tome grabbing grain with deep treatment company, bring about corn price to continue to rise. End in May end, I save corn (moisture 14% ) buy all valence (unit: Yuan / kilogram) for 1.45, 1.6; Among them elm is 1.56 pines formerly for 1.55 Jilin for 9 1.6 1.49 4 smooth for 1.6 (like the graph 1 is shown) ; Respectively relatively rise at the beginning of the month 0.08, 0.35, 0.06, 0.01, Huang Huai of 0.08 China north produces area corn value is little to go up raise. Among them Shandong corn (moisture 14% ) buy valence to be 1640, 1720; Heibei is 1620, 1700; Henan is 1600, 1620, respectively relatively rise at the beginning of the month 20, 20, 10; Southern part sells an area to suffer cost to drive reach those who raise trade demand to improve gradually is collective prop up, corn price is certain also in have go up, among them Guangdong area northeast produces corn to arrive station price 1880, shanghai is 1800, fujian is 1840, respectively relatively rise at the beginning of the month 50, 20, 40. Do not cross 5.12 Sichuan plain of short of Wenshui River produces earthquake of 8.0 on the Richter scale to still produce definite psychology to market psychology, but did not change its firm in have go up pattern. And through at the beginning of May one round relatively apparent rise after prices, enter after June, effect is replaced in wheat abate, corn arrives the quantity reduces the influence that reachs a lot of element such as southern rainstorm weather to fall continuously, northeast produces an area to continue to keep strong beyond, price of corn of area of other produce and sale rises drop each other shows. Among them I save corn (moisture 14% ) price of delivery of cargo from storage is 1600, 1620; Long Jiang is 1560, 1580; Liaoning is 1620, 1660, all with end kept balance basically in May (like the graph 2 are shown) ; The Guangdong that sell a division is 1890, 1800 Fujian of Shanghai 1860, respectively relatively rise by May 10, 10, 40 (if pursue,3 are shown) . Taking one with another, market of corn of home of the 2nd quarter is opposite at for first quarter, corn price is given priority to with rising, during this the part sells area corn value is little fall after a rise to also be in reason.
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