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The beans dregses of rice rise in price will raise cost of birds raise breed

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Because soja imports a quantity to be as high as 70% of domestic demand, the soja of place of big yesterday business and beans dregs of rice brunt agreement also in pairs is achieved new tall, soja 901 agreement dish in highest achieve 5225 yuan / ton, the beans dregses of rice 809 records are brunt agreement high newly 4492 yuan / ton. On spot market, advocate oily factory oil uses Heilongjiang yield a division of soja buy price newest newspaper 2.65 yuan / jin, add up to 5300 yuan / ton. Accumulative total rises since this year 20 % ; The beans dregses of rice spot price signs up for 4630 yuan / ton, more than 25 % rise since this year.
The beans dregses of rice is important feedstuff all the time, because this beans dregses of rice,the successive violent wind of the price raises the cost that is sure to increase cultivate of birds of farmer breed aquatics, push expensive pulp then kind the price. In addition, below the circumstance that rises ceaselessly in soja price, relevant production company also is facing the pressure that cost rises. Be in by May at the beginning of June, the dressing manufacturer product such as domestic share soy and fermented bean curd rises in price on average already 10 % left and right sides.
Li Shijun of analyst of battalion headquarters of 93 grease classics expresses, "Because consumption is very exuberant. At present the manufacturer buys a beans to dregs of rice to need to order goods beforehand, because this is short-term inside the beans dregses of rice the price appears hard considerably fall after a rise. But will look at present, the beans dregses of rice of the price rise to had not affected the flesh kind the price. Breed a production to do not have ability to swim cost downward dispersedly after all marry again. Breed a production to do not have ability to swim cost downward dispersedly after all marry again..
But anyhow, the beans dregses of rice of the price rise ceaselessly be equivalent to the flesh kind price floor level rises ceaselessly. Once the market appears,a sign of disturbance or trouble has the risk that rise.
Relative to character, closing quotation price is in soya-bean oil futures of home yesterday 12000 yuan / or so tons, relatively 14630 yuan when the beginning of the year achieves / ton historical record still has a paragraph of space. On spot market, quote of one class soya-bean oil also is in Heilongjiang 12000 yuan / or so tons.
The analyst expresses, case of oil price of edible of the beginning of the year ever appeared this year Guo Yibo rises considerably, price of soya-bean oil of merchandise on hand is top achieve 18000 yuan / ton. The country adopted restriction at that time the price, add a country store edible oil puts in wait for a variety of means to undertake hitting pressing. Because this compresses at present of the enterprise rise in price special also discretion, add the beans dregses of rice now demand exceeds supply, compress stock of company soya-bean oil is more, the price also rises hard.
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