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Soya-bean oil beans dregses of rice soya-bean oil of fall after a rise of price

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Last week (in June 23 ~ 27 days) , domestic foreland beans dregses of rice the price is common fall after a rise, 43% albumen beans dregses of rice producer price is centered at every tons (similarly hereinafter) 4450 ~ 4650 yuan, 50 ~ drop before comparing a week 200 yuan. The area austral its China drops range is bigger, drop achieve 200 yuan; Liaoning Dalian area and area of Beijing ferry look forward to dregs of rice value is fluctuant and relative lesser, drop 20 ~ 100 yuan. According to investigation, amount of contract of new label of oily last week factory and beans dregs of rice shipment quantity all produces now to fall, feed business to dregsing of rice valence holds be expected to fall to anticipate mostly. Because fowl breeds deficit, amount giving column is larger, 6, feed demand was affected July. Large feed business represents the share, demand of rasorial June feed will drop 5% ~ 10% , main show falls in sales volume of medium in June, the last ten-day of a month bigger, demand of rasorial July feed still can continue to drop. Domestic pig feed is in grow steadily, slower nevertheless, if rasorial feed slow down in demand is faster, demand of domestic feed whole will be affected, the beans dregses of rice demand will drop gradually, the beans dregses of rice the price also can be affected. Beautiful price goes dish of soja period influence is stronger, short-term inside may dregs of rice to the beans the price rises to prop up urge action even. Nevertheless as demand drop, oily factory beans dregses of rice inventory picks up stage by stage, dregs of rice the pressure that valence faces will be greater and greater.
Soya-bean oil value is short-term fall after a rise is long-term bullish still
Last week (in June 23 ~ 27 days) , price of domestic soya-bean oil is common fall after a rise, coastal price of one class soya-bean oil is every tons (similarly hereinafter) 11400 ~ 11850 yuan, 200 ~ drop before comparing a week 600 yuan. Buying and selling of each district soya-bean oil is slack, the situation with oily factory bigger stock still did not change. Trafficker shipment price continues under oily factory, shandong trafficker price of shipment of one class soya-bean oil falls for a time reach 11300 yuan. Coastal price of 4 class soya-bean oil is compared the cost of entrance soya-bean oil of sailing date is low in July 1150 yuan, before price difference compares a week, narrow 200 yuan, before comparing a month highest the difference of 1750 yuan of price when is narrow 600 yuan. So far, the situation that inside and outside of soya-bean oil price hangs already lasted time of nearly 3 months. The contract of costly soya-bean oil that orders besides a few early days at present waits to carry out besides, two months are new recently contract of lunar soya-bean oil entrance is very few, 7, August, our country can have ten tons soya-bean oil to arrive harbor, apparent under the past a few month in and month out all are measured to harbor, and very big one part is a country store. If price inside and outside pours the situation that hang to last, after September, soya-bean oil will drop further to harbor quantity. Divide harbor quantity to will drop stage by stage besides, later period arrives the soya-bean oil cost of harbor is higher. According to the data that custom provides, was 1311 dollars to the price of soya-bean oil CNF of harbor May, amount to arrives cost of harbor pay taxes 11400 yuan, than coastal price of 4 class soya-bean oil is high 100 ~ 250 yuan. 6 ~ will continue to rise to the soya-bean oil cost of harbor September. The inside and outside of soya-bean oil price is hanged, later period drops to what harbor measures, rise of cost further to harbor wait for an element to all can be opposite the price forms domestic soya-bean oil be propped up for a long time, henceforth price of two months soya-bean oil still bullish.
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