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Domestic corn market will show the near future to go up steadily mostly raise po

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By June since, price of corn of China north area picks up stage by stage, the corn price that at the same time southern part sells a division measures inadequacy because of arriving and go up somewhat raise, domestic corn market shows the sign that look up slightly. Although auction of Chu Yu rice reachs the nation,the wheat of the area replaces partial ground to still form level sex, regional inhibition to corn market, but in domestic corn " temporary shortage " seasonal the feature is shown reach the southern market that sell a division by force to arrive the quantity slants continuously below little market background, much will show market of corn of near future our country to go up steadily raise posture, although parcel area is put in callback pressure, but the possibility that appears to drop greatly is weaker. Particular case is as follows:
One of, whole of northeast corn market presents firm syncopation to show ascendant state. By June since, northeast corn market supplies hasten to tighten rate farther aggravate, most trafficker drops considerably in provisionment, value of market of price cost tall look forward to and terminal spending still did not achieve its psychology to anticipate etc with all possible means below the collective influence of the element, paused stage by stage in the market buy an activity, shipment measures railroad to because this continues to show,also glide trend, partial trafficker suspended the quote to southern market even. Below environment of this one market, change of whole of price of whole and northeast corn yield a division is very finite, only Harbin and Shenyang go up a few trafficker and privately owned grain depot are small move price of its corn delivery of cargo from storage, every tons go up also be in 10 yuan only, 20 yuan between.
Secondly, linkage of market of wheaten, corn, price of China north corn breaks away from bottom water to add. Shandong, Heibei produces a division as our country's main corn, wheat, both the price between is put in particular linkage concern consequently, after the new wheat of local major area appears on the market, in policy and market supply and demand of main area drive below, its rise in price rapid, most area price rises be in 80 yuan / ton, 180 yuan / ton, local go up can amount to 200 yuan / ton, 240 yuan / ton. And of wheaten price climb litre, certain level is to carry brace up of local corn market anabiosis, make its cast off the weak situation situation of early days, show go up steadily the situation of raise. Although north of at present China is most difference of price of area wheat corn is apparently narrow already, the feed mill of parcel area of Shandong, Heibei stems from the consideration of managing cost, use the wheat with protein higher content to replace corn in great quantities, dregs of rice in order to achieve effective and managing beans, the goal that reduces manufacturing cost. According to a few feed 3 report, use wheat replaces corn in great quantities, the beans dregses of rice use quantity but from before 30% fall to be restricted to the bottom of 10% level, and dregs of rice as near future beans of the price rise considerably again, predict this kind replaces a phenomenon to will still be shown continue to exist regionally. Nevertheless, if want to achieve,wheat is used in feed dregs of rice with the beans identical protein content, must increase pair of lysine to reach revive the dosage of ammoniac acid, and at present the price of domestic amino acid rises continuously, make after partial feed mill is using wheat to replace corn, its produce cost to exceed instead former the cost of the recipe, beans of together with later period dregses of rice if the price appears the situation of strong fast fall after a rise, so this kind of wheat replaces effect can carry out a gender to will be reduced further. On the whole, the wheat that causes because of protein content replaces corn phenomenon, the adverse effect to whole of market of China north corn still relatively finite.
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