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Parcel of domestic corn market area value by become strong infirmly

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The near future, domestic corn market level stops drop look forward to is firm, parcel area begins to appear rise prices, main reason depends on nice in a lot of benefit element drive below, the price after new this year wheat appears on the market goes high apparently, the corn price that spurs partial area at the same time appears on raise, broke away from the weak situation situation of early days temporarily, but its go up apparently weak at wheat. What as wheat of domestic share area corn price differs is progressively and contractible, wheat replaces effect also subsequently abate, as we have learned, parcel area of Shandong, Heibei still is put in more general wheat to replace a phenomenon, concrete analysis is as follows:
New wheat price goes high quickly, corn price by turn infirmly strong
Our country was greeted this year successive bumper harvest of summer grain crops, but since new wheat appears on the market, wheaten market appeared however rare competition buys a phenomenon, buy in raise up the price of each district grain depot reach hasten of psychology of farmer cherish carry out strong drive jointly below, wheaten whole price also when the river rises the boat goes up too, the government holds city in the palm to buy also get more apparent obstacle. Get wheaten price carry brace up, the corn price of together with Shandong, Heibei and Henan and other places is in level of on the low side generally, consequently wheaten powerful momentum greeted follow of local corn market to rise long-unseenly prices, but its price rises a lesser Mai Mingxian is abate, both price difference still is narrowing further, make the wheat of proper partial area replaces effect to have place is abate, generally speaking, wheaten price under corn price 100 yuan / ton when above, its replace an advantage apparent, and from current and both price difference looks, wheat already was lost gradually on oneself price replace an advantage. Consider at present whole of domestic wheaten market still gets of good factor of interest of a lot of market prop up, spring the feasibility that price can emerge to fluctuate considerably inside short time is lesser, consequently still relatively the weak force structure that is helpful for local corn market breaking away from at present.
Local wheat dregses of rice for acting beans secondhand, adverse to corn market effect is finite
As the price of wheat of domestic share area and corn difference is narrowed gradually, its price is replaced already did not have clear advantage, reach Heibei and other places in Shandong especially, but as we have learned, the feed company that place still has partial amount still is using wheat to replace corn in great quantities, its replace scale general ubiquitous 20-30% , birds kind 昜of the expression in feed is apparent, the duck of partial enterprise uses wheat to replace corn completely in feed, its are main the reason still depends on paragraph of time country beans dregsing of rice wait for price of albumen raw material to go up greatly, and the vegetable protein content in wheat is 11.5%-14% , relatively the on the high side of thick protein content of corn. Use wheat of mill of this part feed replaces corn but the use quantity that effective and managing beans dregses of rice, achieve the goal that reduces cost thereby. But the content of wheaten and amino acid in using a process dregses of rice under the beans apparently however, after if is replaced will still level of content of recipe thick protein is maintained changeless, can dregs of rice as a result of the beans the fall of dosage and the fall that brings about certain and amino acid is measured is to cannot use wheat to make up for. Must add artificial complex to maintain amino acid content amino acid, and at present the beans dregses of rice price perch fall after a rise, and lysine and revive acerbity price rises continuously, its replace a result to be met even sometimes before prep above is replaced the cost of the recipe. Conclude accordingly, mill of feed of part of area of Shandong, Heibei dregses of rice because of the beans cost on the high side and caused wheat replaces a phenomenon to still won't be opposite the adverse effect with more serious generation of whole of domestic corn market.
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