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Focusing near future market of China north corn is main heat problem

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In a lot of Likongyin the be a burden on of element falls, whole of market of corn of near future our country presents strong oscillation state, and northward corn produces area value differentiation pattern is clearer, market of China north corn not of early days of follow northeast corn rise impetus, below the market background with consequently firm look forward to of perch of northeastern corn price, the cereal end of level of price of whole of China north corn is apparent with each passing day also.

As 2008 the drawing near of Beijing Olympic Games, shandong reachs a few corn of Heibei to deep treatment company and feed process a business or be faced with stop production because of environmental protection problem, new wheat of area of part of Beijing University of together with China is reaped go well, local wheat replaces a phenomenon to increase gradually, because this China north market is right,the integral demand of corn will show level sex drop, thereby be a burden on its price continues to present oscillation state inside short time. We are worth a few problems that we pay close attention to to summarize as follows with respect to the near future below:

Pay close attention to one: Problem of Olympic Games environmental protection restricts part of Heibei, Shandong to process a business the demand level to corn. Because in last few years Heibei saves amylaceous treatment,the project grows rate faster, amylaceous treatment company already made the main consumption system of local corn market. It is reported, heibei Shijiazhuang area is built in all 49 corn starch processes a business, and rise from May 1, factory of starch of 47 corn of local did not reach mark because of sewage disposal index, and be forced in succession stop production, not the amylaceous treatment company of stop production also because machine profit inferior and all did not produce with all one's strength, enterprise of starch of in former years machines 1 ton of amylaceous profit to be controlled in 300 yuan, include its by-product inside. Because amylaceous price is low,confuse this year, consequently profit drops only 100 yuan level. Policy of Olympic Games environmental protection makes close half the number is in district of city of Heibei dark blue in company of 35 corn treatment likewise stop production condition, the companies of a few treatment of Zhong Xiaoyu rice that face what encounter likewise to still include and other places of city of rich of Zi of Heibei peaceful advance, Shandong, heart, these are medium or small the stop production of corn treatment company all produced certain inhibition to local corn consumption, thereby its price goes be a burden on continuously weak.

Pay close attention to 2: New wheat price goes quickly high, wheat is replaced will still the ascendant airspace that level sex controls corn of China north area. What wheat replaces corn phenomenon is general be like next reasons: It is enzymatic preparation price relatively inferior, use technology matures stage by stage; 2 it is wheaten relatively corn has definite price advantage; The drawing near as wheat harvest of district of China north majority end, at present local wheat replaces corn to show relatively general already. According to Shandong some large feed mill is mirrorred, its corn demand is controlled in 9000 tons about, and those who follow wheat is progressively appear on the market, 9000 tons corn demand will be replaced by 7500 tons of corn and 1800 tons of wheat. Among them, pig feed wheat replaces scale to be in commonly 10, 15% , feed of a few birds is replaced rate can amount to 80% , 90% . But suffer a country to hold what city buys policy in the palm to prop up, price of Hua Beixin wheat presents the state that Gao Kaigao takes this year, at present wheat of area of China north part and corn price already were narrowed gradually, because this wheat replaces what the phenomenon did not reach early days market in place to anticipate, present weaker state. But at present new wheat appears on the market to still slant relatively little, as new wheat of north of later period China a large number of appearing on the market, replace a phenomenon to will continue level sex controls local feed company the demand to corn.

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