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The beans dregses of rice: Attention breeds the influence to demand

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The near future, the abidance of raw material cost upsurges to cultivate effect of birds breed aquatics and filling column state of mind exist to be pounded certainly. Increase what measure as amount of livestock on hand of birds of near future cultivate steadily, and of short duration of terminal consumption situation is not ideal, value of product of domestic cultivate birds goes sign is not good, become restrict one of main factors that breed a gain level, make consequently majority breed aquatics door go to value of product of birds of later period cultivate sign is not hopeful, accordingly discretion of filling column state of mind is in the majority; Terminal market is common to 6, the breed aquatics July demand is not quite hopeful. Additional since June, although foreland is main oily factory resumes go into operation basically, but current the inventory that alleviate still on the low side, the contract that there still is certain amount in adding hands of one of partial oily factory needs to carry out, so short-term inside the beans dregses of rice the addition of supply still won't pound sale market. And the part sells region market to be carried, manufacturer contract is carried out slow wait for element influence, in the supplementary rate of downstream link inventory also is restricted, show level beans to dregs of rice consequently spot price follows dish take dish of show very active, but the breed aquatics of current on the low side whether can profit force partial breed aquatics door accelerate speed giving column to perhaps give column time ahead of schedule, whether can the demand that place dregses of rice to the beans with later period market appear the fall that turns over season is worth to pay close attention to.

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