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Fall after a rise of perch of merchandise on hand dregses of rice even the beans

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Since June, domestic beans dregses of rice the price is strong go up, in the breakthrough at the beginning of the month 4000 yuan / ton after closing greatly, highest Ceng Da reachs the price 4700 yuan / ton above, of spot price rise, exciting beans dregses of rice period price all the way violent wind rises. Nevertheless, the near future the exalted fall after a rise as merchandise on hand, the beans dregses of rice period price also will be faced with stronger adjustment pressure.
Merchandise on hand drops continuously, the beans dregses of rice period price bear press accentuation. Because of dregsing of rice currently city still is in perch, careful psychology makes both sides of supply and demand reachs consensus hard, hand in project aura relatively delicate. With the frequent wave motion of current price case, accentuated the wait-and-see psychology of trafficker, its " along with enter along with carry out " politic, caused at present high price of market merchandise on hand but the paradoxical situation with slow sale.
Later period inventory increases, upriver pressure is shown gradually. As coastal oil factory switch on the mobile phone in succession, early days supplies insecurity to already got alleviating gradually because of what start working inadequacy causes. But with supplying those who increase contradiction is, dregs of rice oneself after valence breaks through 4000 yuan, the market clinchs a deal the quantity glides apparent, want discretion of square perch filling library, psychology of both sides of supply and demand anticipates price is put in bigger analysis. And carry out of the contract in succession as early days, current inventory will get the market complement certainly, this will manage money to later period trafficker and feed manufacturer wait-and-see offer prop up. Additional and current although terminal market demand restores gradually, but intermediate link inventory is used up still need time. From the point of current market condition, dregs of rice in this paragraph of time city can appear very likely the demand of provisionality is fatigued and weak, and current link is purchased not free, inevitable meeting brings pressure to the sale of upriver manufacturer.
Cost raises, breed demand foreground to restrict a beans to dregs of rice demand. The near future, the abidance of raw material cost upsurges the filling column state of mind that breeds benefit and farmer to fowl produces bigger impact. Pick up steadily as what amount of livestock on hand of cultivate of near future birds measures, and of short duration of terminal consumption situation is not ideal, domestic rasorial price goes sign is sure in drop, become restrict the main factor that breeds an earnings stand or fall, great majority breed aquatics door go to price of animal produce of later period birds sign is not quite hopeful, filling column state of mind is relatively accordingly careful.
Beautiful beans is adjusted, dregs of rice even the beans be faced with a callback. Argentine farmer suspends going on strike, restore soja exit. Argentine agriculture organization announces 22 days to rise to act suspensive strike, restore produce (21.71, - 0.14, - 0.64% , ) supply and export, at the same time Argentine lorry labour union also announces to end the strike and the operation that seal a highway. Lasted this the strike of a few months forms stronger interest to support more to CBOT soybean market, period price forms pair of CBOT soja with the will inevitable time-out of the strike pressure.
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