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New corn appears on the market weak potential of price of pressure fadein corn a
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September since the middle ten days of a month, the abidance that produces corn of area spring sowing as inside Shanghaiguan part is harvested appear on the market, add hopeful of bumper harvest of northeast area new food, home market whole supplies pressure to increase with each passing day, price of corn of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day also appears accordingly prices of fall after a rise, impose requirement of the market that sell a division still not flourishing, its market value goes farther be a burden on weak. Predict as autumn harvest corn draws near seasonally stage by stage, near future of domestic share district still exists continue the possibility of fall after a rise. Concrete analysis is as follows:
One, activity of market purchase and sale stops stage by stage, delicacy of northeast corn price has fluctuant. Enter after September, northeast corn market " temporary shortage " seasonal diagnostic show is more apparent, the surplus grain that trade can offer in most farmer and trafficker hand all makes work basically already exhaust. As a result of food source insecurity of transport power of exiguous, northeast railroad adds on the low side of the price that sell a division, the activity of purchase and sale on market of at present place already stopped in succession, accordingly from September since, whole of northeast corn market goes situation is relatively smooth, change of most area price is not big, up to now, price of smooth cabin of Dalian harbor corn still is maintained be in 1690 yuan / ton - 1720 yuan / ton level, with do not have apparent change basically last week. Predict northeastern new food is large-scale before results, local value changes should not too big.

2, inside Shanghaiguan part produces batch of Ou Chunyu rice to appear on the market, autumn grain harvests shortly, price occurrence fall after a rise. Current, inside Shanghaiguan part produces area spring corn to already formed batch to appear on the market, as a result of the addition of level sex supply, add place to process a business feed breed aquatics, greatly the demand to corn still inferior fan, consequently the price of new, old corn of a few areas all appears of distinct range drop prices, among them weak potential of area of Shandong greater part more hasten is apparent. Predict after September 20, as incomplete the end of abstruse meeting, corn of China north part machines an enterprise to resume the likelihood production, will consume demand to rising to local corn at the appointed time more active carry display vigour to use. Nevertheless, as we have learned, the autumn provisions gains of area of and other places of Shandong, Henan also will be in 20 days of around spread out in succession, because this phase sex supplies pressure to still may make the corn market of area of China north majority appears,one metempsychosis falls process, but prop up in what grow cost this year below, predict gliding space is corresponding also and limited.

3, the concussion that suffers inside Shanghaiguan new corn to appear on the market, southern part sells region market to continue to drop. At present corn of inside Shanghaiguan spring already batch appears on the market, although supply gross opposite less, but the price of opposite on the low side and less mildew change, unripe bug phenomenon, aroused partial feed business purchase interest. Meanwhile, the autumn harvest corn of and other places of Shandong, Henan is about to begin results, business of feed of the part that sell a division also in succession with produced an area to sign new food to purchase an agreement. Accordingly, in grain the circumstance with qualitative lesser difference falls, the northeast corn supply of goods on the southern market that sell a division is at present actual consumption drops somewhat, and the progressively fall after a rise of price of inside Shanghaiguan corn also brings about value of the market that sell a division to go weak subsequently. The progressively enlarge of the city after predicting as supply of inside Shanghaiguan corn, south sells area corn price or will continue somewhat fall after a rise, but northeast supply of goods suffers those who produce an area to purchase cost to prop up, space of its price fall after a rise should relatively extent of inside Shanghaiguan corn slants small.
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