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Market level of soja yield a division walks along situation analysis to reach lo
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Current, heilongjiang new beans appears on the market shortly, but advocate whole of market level yield a division is relatively low fan, farmer trafficker is in aspect of purchase and sale is not quite positive, still grasp in hand of partial food business have a certain quantity of Chen Dou, but the time that because be apart from new beans big batch to appear on the market,is not worth a month, because this majority still is in,hold a beans wait-and-see, maintain bought trafficker to also have action of apparent demand a low price; Oily factory big range is bought also have not start, still be in for the most part stop in closing, bring about market yield a division to be in the state that valence does not have city. The beans of current Heilongjiang area dregses of rice spot price catchs up with soja price gradually, and Ying Yuangao of price of the soja below normal circumstance dregses of rice at the beans the price, accordingly this makes a photograph oily to the foreland of general deficit for the factory, soja of Heilongjiang oily factory compresses to still be put in theoretic profit space. At present new beans is about to reap, local and early breed has begun to appear on the market partly, but rise as a result of what grow cost this year, the expectation cost that just drives balance price to new beans each accordingly is general not low, predicting this year opens level price limits to be in 3.6 yuan centrally / kilogram - 4.2 yuan / kilogram between. And as to Heilongjiang place the beans dregses of rice and the abnormal rate of exchange between soja concerns, the report on certain level goes out dregs of rice the bubble of the price, this kind of phenomenon should be met after new beans appears on the market get ameliorative, particular case analyses as follows:
Heilongjiang beans dregses of rice spot price can compares soja, but demand is fatigued and weak still market of be a burden on buys pace
Be in at present Heilongjiang soja advocate produce a division, the beans of partial oily plant dregses of rice spot price has exceeded soybean market value far, end a Zhou Er (on September 9) , big plant of zone of Harbin of Heilongjiang the eastpart part 43% albumen beans dregses of rice quote 3930 yuan / ton, price of circumjacent on the low side has report for duty 3800 yuan / ton, and the Qing Dynasty of local oily beans chooses the price to be in 3950-4100 yuan / ton, of oily factory buy the price to be 4000/ ton - 4240 yuan / ton, can see both between price difference is narrow, this also is why to be foreland oily factory general deficit 100 yuan / ton - 300 yuan / ton below the circumstance, heilongjiang zone oily plant is theoretic still have be as high as 200 yuan / ton the gain space of above; Nevertheless local oily factory is in seasonal stay the end level of machine, plus new beans large quantities of quantities appear on the market shortly, because this does not have manufacturer currently,big range leaves close. Come from the information that produces a division to say, already soja of a few early breed appears on the market now, trafficker gives out buy valence to be 3.6 yuan / kilogram - 4 yuan / kilogram, trade more delicate, basically valence does not have city, nevertheless trafficker also points out, if hang out prep above 4 yuan / kilogram the price, still can obtain soya bean, this shows a peasant there is Chen Dou as before in the hand, psychology of cherish carry out is stronger nevertheless. Additionally futures soja began to buy October commonly.
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