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Feed of balance of Henan corn supply and demand and treatment are main demand
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Commerce amount is very small
Henan corn crop achieved the history last year top level, predict to record refresh again today, but the supply of corn and demand are balanced basically however. Although Henan corn crop is big, but commodity provisions is not much however, be in every year 3 billion jins of ~40 are controlled 100 million jins, compare with tremendous crop photograph, this trade volume is very small.
Feed and industrial treatment are main demand
Henan not only it is a crop big province, also be save greatly with grain, henan corn demand is feed industry and commissariat are changed with held big head. Development of Henan stock raising is quite fast, the platoon of quantity of amount of livestock on hand of Henan province pig, chicken is in the whole nation the first, the dimensions platoon that raises a cattle is in the whole nation the 5th, many corn was regarded as feed to use up, the demand of feed treatment company is in 9 billion jins of ~100 100 million jins. Commissariat is changed basically is to point to industrial grain, it is to point to alcohol benzine, alcohol, amylaceous, pharmacy, brew, this demand also increases in year after year, commissariat changed dosage last year the enterprise is controlled in 11 billion jins. The corn amount that grain ration consumes is very small, annual the consumption with respect to many jins 10.
Supply and demand is balanced basically
Tell from big field, the fixed position of Henan corn is output big, gross balances big, demand, v transfers into the amount is basic and same. Corn v quantity basically faces province of the production that raise a pig, southwest is given priority to with Sichuan, Chongqing, to Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian additionally these areas also have v. Annual v commodity provisions 4 billion jins of ~50 100 million jins, achieved the history last year highest v quantity, reached capacity of 6 billion jins of v. Henan corn transfers into area basically is Shaanxi, Shanxi, heibei, transfer into the quantity is 4 billion jins of ~50 probably 100 million jins, assured to save the balance of corn gross completely.

The investigation group of corn of China north yellow the Huaihe River that big business place organizes comes here yesterday a station of second survey -- city of Henan province Zhengzhou. The information that masters from relevant unit shows, should save hopeful of corn bumper harvest 2008, but the effect that suffers a country to restrict alcohol deep treatment to produce policy, provincial demand of corn deep treatment will be squelched, form benefit sky possibly to corn price from this.
Bumper harvest hopeful
The equestrian the head of a department or office that according to agricultural hall production manages introduces, the corn 2008 cultivates Henan the area achieved 42.3 million mus, 29% what occupy Henan crop to sow gross area. Predicting corn is in henceforth a few years sow an area to will continue to expand. The per unit area yield of corn is stabler also at the same time, corn per unit area yield achieved 381 kilograms 2007 / mu. Be in area of sea of whole Huang Huai, the corn of Henan always is produced be next to Shandong, total output of corn of complete 2007 province achieves 31.65 billion jins, increased 10.15 billion jins than 21.5 billion jins of 2000, amplitude is achieved 47.2% , year all annulus is achieved than increase rate 5.7% .
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