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Survey of autumn harvest of soja, corn: Innovation of soybean crop hopeful is ta
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Mixed 5 days on September 4, 2008, two investigation groups that Dalian Commodity Exchange organizes are opposite respectively after Heilongjiang and Anhui undertake survey, discover, this year soja (information, prices) with corn (information, prices) crop increases to already was become finality, among them former achieve a history possibly even new tall. And the Anhui province that is located in Huang Huai to produce a division, below the stimulation that cultivates benefit to increase, potential of corn future increase production is greater.
Local drought does not have hindering soybean increase production
One of delegates of beautiful Musi farm -- army plain personage of farm production division introduces, 8 years army plain farm farmland 570 thousand mus, among them corn sows an area 315 thousand mus, paddy 90 thousand mus, soja 144 thousand mus. Up to now, it is relatively normal that local soja grows, although August the first ten days of a month somewhat arid, but in August 18-23 daytime, two successive rainfall, rainfall achieves 14.4 millimeter, ravages of a drought removes basically.
Harbin city farming appoint chief expresses, 8 years corn sows Harbin area the area is in 12.15 million mus, relatively 7 years 12.75 million mus drop 600 thousand mus, predict corn per unit area yield is in 550 kilograms 8 years / mu; Paddy sows an area to be in 6.65 million mus, predicting per unit area yield 550 kilograms / mu; Soja sows an area 6.3 million mus, grow an area 7 years 5.7 million mus. Predict per unit area yield of Harbin area soybean achieves 130 kilograms 8 years / mu.
Rainwater of growth period of Harbin area soja is harmonic this year, it is at the beginning of August occurrence phase sex is arid, regional soybean occurrence reduction in production, especially Harbin magnolia county and guest county get the effect of ravages of a drought is relatively apparent. But nevertheless, predict Heilongjiang commissariat always is produced 8 years still hopeful amounts to 80 billion jins, harbin area achieves 20 billion jins. "Increase production of soja, corn already was become this year finality, former innovate possibly even tall " , an investigation group member expresses.
Potential of Anhui corn increase production is great
From inspect a circumstance to look, production of corn of the Anhui province needs for inadequacy, this also makes proper corn price keeps strong. In provincial corn digests ending circumstance to fall, more wanting that rely on the support of northeast corn. Current, this province is annual corn always is produced control for 3 million tons (hopeful achieves 4 million tons this year) , but complete province consumes gross every year to be controlled in 5 million tons, consumptive breach basically inputs complement by northeast corn.
From long-term production the situation is analysed, crop of corn of the Anhui province has greater growth potential.
Above all, per unit area yield has space of very big promotion. Introduce according to should saving commissariat bureau Han Shaolin, 7 years per unit area yield of this province corn is 234.5 kilograms / mu, to 8 years hopeful of per unit area yield achieves 272.5 kilograms / mu, amplitude 16.2% . The main factor that restricts per unit area yield of this province corn at present is drought waterlogged calamity, if can guide project of drain flooded fields of farmer build fight a drought effectively, improve corn actively to produce a condition, the corn of this province still has latent capacity of bigger increase production.
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