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Foreign capital is large-scale enter agricultural advantages and disadvantages t
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Editor's note: The report says recently, a few abroad invest an orgnaization to prepare the aquaculture of large-scale layout China and commissariat to process trade. For this, somebody fears foreign capital marchs in a large-scale agriculture can affect Chinese agriculture especially commissariat is safe. The reporter was visited with all possible means scholar, they think foreign capital enters our country agriculture advantageous have disadvantage, relevant section should stand in rational angle to study the way to deal with a situation.
Lu Feng: Should not affect food safety
Research center of economy of Beijing University China teachs Lu Feng to express, reforming and opening already 30 years, each Chinese industries have foreign capital intervene, and foreign capital is right of agricultural domain involve extremely scarce however, for the angle that stands in market economy, we should encourage foreign capital to enter agricultural field. Casting always is all right " dare be the world first " , they plan to have investment to a certain industry, so sure it is the opportunity that saw some kind gets profit, and this kind of opportunity is opposite is not adverse certainly Chinese market.
Lu Feng thinks, foreign capital enters Chinese agriculture domain to won't bring particularly big impact to home market, the commissariat that won't affect China more is safe. Above all, look from historical angle, china's long-term food security policy needs to rely on technical progress to promote commissariat and agriculture manufacturing productivity. But the to the environment negative effect that should notice control may appear, evaluate scientificly turn the potential harm that gene technology brings. Next, long-term food security policy wants those who rely on grain market to build. Price signal and market signal are adjusting the action of respect of commissariat supply and demand cannot be replaced. Administration intervenes and bring serious food safety problem possibly to the suppress of market mechanism. Finally, food safety need and international grain market conform. The international market is the additional source that commissariat furnishs not only, return the wave motion that can reduce domestic grain market, and the addition that exit can promote rural income.
Lu Feng says, we can see, the hidden trouble that produces food safety basically is the element as a result of our oneself, although of foreign capital enter possible also meeting to affect food safety, but the action that we can take measure to control foreign capital, undertake superintendency to its through the method such as legislation, use foreign capital effectively to create profit to Chinese economy. In the past these in year, foreign capital is machined in Chinese food and is sortie all the time in export industry, also did not appear the problem such as more serious food safety, we should know, the purpose of the enterprise is for gain, in an open market environment, the infuse of foreign capital is sure can bring a few positive factors to home market, and these positive factors normally the interest with consumer is consistent.
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