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Price of corn of haven of north and south is stable hasten is strong
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It is reported, suffer effect of stock up of business of double section feed, stocks of Guangdong haven corn falls, after corn price is rising through Zhou Chu, the near future is relatively smooth. Although price of northward haven smooth cabin is not had rise apparently extent, but relatively early days has powerful head. Occupy the personage inside course of study to predict nevertheless, because be faced with new food to appear on the market at present,reach integral market demand as before fatigued and weak pressure, haven of north and south won't appear September relatively substantially the price is fluctuant.
Guangdong haven is at present high grade corn clinchs a deal valence still is in 1860-1870 yuan / ton, second-class corn price is in 1840-1850 yuan / ton, the stock inside harbor falls to be controlled to 150 thousand tons, and according to introducing Guangdong feed business purchases an amount last week very big, amount of average sunrise money is in 2. 4-2. 50 thousand tons or so, arrive the quantity fluctuates in 100 thousand tons last week. Predict to begin from this week, purchase a quantity to will drop somewhat.
Price of second-class corn smooth cabin is in northward Dalian and harbor of bright and beautiful city 1700 yuan / ton, bottom price rises somewhat, price of first-class corn smooth cabin is in 1720-1730 yuan / ton, also relatively earlier stage is small the price when confusing has hasten strong tendency.