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Domestic beans dregses of rice spot market is firm in go low
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The near future, domestic beans dregses of rice spot market is firm in go low, outside lack dish below the setting with how-to direction, main area element becomes the dominant of market level; Enthusiasm of shipment of oily factory of current foreland majority still taller, but terminal just is purchased into city still very careful, what the market still lacks to the limit of one's capacity to clinch a deal is effective cooperate. End a Zhou Yi (on September 1) , foreland beans dregses of rice the mainstream of merchandise on hand clinchs a deal the price is in 4050 yuan centrally / ton - 4150 yuan / ton. Feed business anticipates because of psychology price and current market value are existing bigger difference, supply of soybean of close month entrance is relatively ample and homebred new beans is about to appear on the market, plus situation of cultivate birds amount of livestock on hand, filling column or special ideal, accordingly " buy namely use namely " the rhythm that operated train of thought to restrict its to enter town further; But intention of oily plant sale is very apparent however, stem from reduce the oneself risk, goal that locks up calm gain level ahead of schedule, adjust sale strategy to stimulate the market to hand in the enlarge that throws an amount ceaselessly. But because home market is at present regional otherness of supply and demand is bigger, accordingly each square difference sex goes situation may farther aggravate. Concrete analysis is as follows:
Raise terminal to enter town still careful, the beans dregses of rice spot market clinchs a deal opposite relatively finite
Since number week, domestic beans dregses of rice spot market is outer dish continuously oscillation dish also continue below whole setting firm in somewhat fall after a rise, soja compresses the shipment intention of the enterprise is very apparent, because show level oil to dregs of rice,basically be the price is passable, soja compresses be in profit and loss to balance a dot, for Suo Dingli moistening with water is made the same score, reduce oneself risk; Intensify shipment consequently; And strategy of sale of oily manufacturer face also appears certain adjustment. Between oily plant of too not current same area and between area between each manufacturer, as a result of the otherness that inventory level and psychology anticipate, brought about its to show apparent difference on the control of bade and shipment rhythm. It is with Jiangsu area exemple, the beans between several oily factories of local dregses of rice the price difference of quote is as high as 150 yuan / ton; The beans of most oil factory that additionally the message calls Shandong and other places the area dregses of rice real stock measure is not much, with Jiangsu area oil the inventory level with bigger plant formed bright contrast. Nevertheless whole looks, of each spot market hand in throw initiative finite, terminal ask dish apiration increases, but the person that enter town actually is very few, maintain for the most part " buy namely use namely " purchase strategy.
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