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Northeast investigation group: Feed demand will enter hopeful of fastigium corn
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The reporter ended to process a business greatly to corn of Heibei, Shandong after making an on-the-spot investigation, the investigation group begins to be consumed to corn " large family " the circumstance of feed business undertakes visitting understanding.

Intelligent group shares 23 cent factory in Shandong area in, among them Shou Guang area has 4 branches, 3 produce birds feed, 1 produces pig feed, dimensions all produces feed in the month 1 - 20 thousand tons or so. The company shares 3 product line, month 20 thousand tons of feed control productivity, among them corn month dosage is controlled in 10 thousand tons, wheaten dosage is controlled in 8000 tons, the beans dregses of rice dosage is in 1000 - 1500 tons or so, company feed basically is mixed with chicken duck birds kind feed is given priority to.

The company is bought everyday 300 - 500 tons of corn, major corn originates Shandong and Heibei, little part is northeast, this year because Heibei corn stock is enough, northeast corn price enters Shandong without the advantage opposite less, because place is at present wheaten,at the same time the price is 0.865 yuan / jin, under corn price 0.875 yuan / jin, the company continues to replace corn with partial wheat.

This company controller expresses, supply of goods of the corn on the market makes sure production is unchallenged amply, do not be eager to increasing reserve. When speaking of feed sale status, this controller expresses, near future chicken expects demand shows slow ascendant trend basically, duck makings is shown glide trend, and pig feed demand maintains stability to grow impetus. Predict to won't be changed before the end of the year of this kind of situation.

The investigation group still is cultivated to corn grow the circumstance undertook field and on-the-spot survey, corn the way corp is growing and the other area that see all the way are same, the way corp is growing is quite good, had begun to rouse bead. According to farmer introduction, local corn per unit area yield is 800-1200 jin / or so mus, this year good because of weather condition, the likelihood achieves 1000 jins. Cost respect, local rainwater is bigger this year, irrigated water only, saved not little cost. Chemical fertilizer rises in price is the big head of cost, estimation is not calculated this year labour cost is 300 yuan / mu. Most farmer thinks to open level value and adjacent last year possibility this year big, the price after batch appears on the market should be stable. A farmer when investigation tells us, their village near future raises chicken somewhat grow in quantity, dosage of corn of for private use increases somewhat.

Carry the investigation of pair of feed field and farmer, can see, one belt divides Shandong Wei lane duck is only stagnant outside, aquaculture is lying to grow impetus strong, feed demand is about to enter peak period, feed price may be certain in have litre, corn price hopeful keeps stable.

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