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The beans dregses of rice price of feed of prices fall after a rise will drop po
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July the last ten-day of a month, the beans of Guangdong each district dregses of rice quote is in every tons generally 4200 yuan or so, clinch a deal actually the price is every tons 4100 yuan, had than every tons of 4850 yuan perch at the beginning of the month not small drop, drop amount to 15% .
One senior industry of Guangdong analyses a personage to think, cause a beans to dregs of rice the main reason that the price drops is the effect that suffers international prices to produce change, and market supply and demand of home did not change. "Be price of near future oil drop; 2 it is Argentine strike end, argentina will have a large number of soja to enter town; 3 it is the United States before paragraph the influence that time acclaims, the soup that soja produces also ended, price nature can drop. Price nature can drop..
Also the personage inside course of study thinks, exorbitant price controlled the demand that the market dregses of rice to the beans. As a result of before the price rises continuously, domestic feed business purchases a quantity to present the state that drops apparently to what the beans dregses of rice. Stem from the consideration to the risk, dregs of rice when the beans when the price is exorbitant, feed business adopts those who compare discretion generally to purchase way, the beans when reducing higher-priced as far as possible dregses of rice inventory level; Perhaps change feed recipe, dregs of rice in order to reduce a beans dosage.
"Domestic beans dregses of rice before the price so tall, it is the result of factitious hype actually. " this personage thinks, the fall after a rise of near future price is normal, and also should fall after a rise, the situation that appears impossibly to go up not to drop only.
He points out at the same time, current beans dregses of rice the price still on the high side, still have continue the likelihood of fall after a rise. "Look from the value angle of commodity, the price that the beans dregses of rice now still is returned than rice expensive, this shows its value or exceeded its real value. Say all sorts of driving again the beans dregses of rice the element that rise in price is acclaimed, close paragraph time beans dregses of rice the price will not have the motivation that rise again. Close paragraph time beans dregses of rice the price will not have the motivation that rise again..
The beans dregses of rice the fall after a rise of prices, the feed business that makes bear raw material price to rise ceaselessly had the opportunity that breath. Guangdong constant promotes feed Wang Jiangong of chairman of guild of feed of city of general manager of industrial limited company, Zhan Jiang expresses, raw material price has go up have drop, feed is same also, change with raw material price follow feed price meets closer cultivate birds feed and cheap aquatic product dregs of rice as the beans certainly the fall after a rise of the price and drop, but makings of high-grade aquatic product won't make response very quickly as the change of raw material price. "Reckon the price of feed of high-grade aquatic product inside this year won't have again fluctuant. " Wang Jiangong says.
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