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Corn goes up pressure still is put was faced with dish of bureau in September
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Last weeks of August, dalian corn option market stops drop look forward to is firm, received long-unseen Zhou Yang line, at the same time 905 agreement are in brunt inside a week a few degrees go up explore checks 1850 yuan / ton technical pressure, it is certain to was shown go up desire. Hind city corn whether breakthrough obstruction, go against situation the central issue that goes tall to become market height to pay close attention to. At the same time from current main area union enters big business place this China north corn inspects obtained data to analyse, the author thinks, before new food appears on the market, in corn bumper crop, inventory abundant, country store below the impact that auction and market expect element of sky waiting for benefit, of corn futures price go against situation go up still pressure is heavy, the bull after big defeat still needs time to repair restitute to enrage, corn period price will be faced with dish of bureau in September.
One, market supply increases significantly

Above all, this year the two corn growth period that produce a division greatly good weather for the crops, no matter northeast or crop of China north corn realize the probability of the bumper harvest,be in increase continuously. In August the middle ten days of a month, northeast major area appears generally small to moderate rain weather, parcel area reachs rainstorm level even, this grows to be in the corn of period of form a vesicle not only very advantageous, also solve the autumn drought that is anxious besides market early days to browbeat. And China north regards our country as corn the 2nd produce a division greatly, the way corp is growing of Xia Bo corn is general also and good this year, except did not get outside the influence of plant diseases and insect pests, enough water still raised corn the character of crop of big fertilizer of this one flood, want later period weather not to appear only picture last year in that way successive mid-autumn overcast and rainy, the bumper harvest already was become finality. And after entering the first ten days of a month in September, china north yellow the Huaihe River produces the spring sowing new corn of the area to appear on the market batch, at the appointed time, no matter new food quality how, the total supply of the market will increase.

Next, the reserve of national commissariat reserve this year wants prep above generally last year. The Heibei Gao town that visits with the author always installs national commissariat storage facility for reserve purpose to be exemple, corn stocks is compared the corresponding period is much last year 20 thousand tons, was last year 3 times much. According to the not complete count of bureau of Gao city commissariat, at present Heibei dark blue has many tons 10 corn stock about on city market, judge water market is more, in 400 thousand tons of above, the corn reserve of Heibei is total should relatively increased last year 30% . A when cause on the high side of inventory of sex of phase of Heibei area corn main reason is the export that the export custom duty that the country begins to increase 5 % limits corn, the corn that whole in the past Heibei saves exports a quantity to go to 600 thousand tons for 500 thousand tons about, and after in limitation policy comes on stage, these corn await this locality market to digest only. Be worth what carry is, the financing source that grain depot buys grain basically is farming the loan that issue, although reimbursement time was October bottom, but the author arrives through visitting understanding, before most grain depot already prepared to be by September, inventory corn Qing Dynasty the library sells.
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