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Northeast investigation group: Demand of feed of small gain of aquaculture tall
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On August 26, the investigation group comes last station Qingdao that make an on-the-spot investigation, the large feed business that holds the balance with home 6 undertake communicating with the group, this group company is domestic number is not much have feed medicine of treatment, biology, breed company and farmer assure one of enterprises of catenary of company whole industry.
A director of this company predicts the actual feed crop of annual will achieve 7 million tons this year, produce under the design can 11 million tons, but relatively rose 2007 36.5% . Raw material purchases main concentration to be in Huadong and northeast area; Demand energy raw material is occupied 60% , namely corn (information, prices) + is wheaten (information, prices) total demand makes an appointment with many tons 400, and bring about wheaten price on the low side as a result of the pressure such as wheaten auction, so wheat replaces effect this year apparent, bring about corn and wheaten demand take an in part basically each this year. Additional, feedstuff matchs the beans in comparing to dregs of rice (information, prices) occupy 7% , dregs of rice under the beans apparently the price is low when 15 - 20% .
When the circumstance that speaks of feed industry, company leader says, the whole nation produces per year feed 110 million tons or so, guangdong province still produces the biggest province for feed, because Shandong province uses more feed crop to hold second seat from burden, but feed is produced can latent capacity still tremendous, highest may reach 40 million tons level.
6 mixed raw material are in Shandong is very big purchase square, because the characteristic of Shandong corn is,appear on the market earlier, and Shandong corn is new northeast corn is already opposite and dried up at the same time when appearing on the market, after appearing on the market very fast (about two to 3 months time) meet from produce an area to become sell a division, company of southern and many treatment will to Shandong purchase, bring about Shandong corn stockpile to glide very quickly, the corn of final Shandong area is purchased must turn to Heibei and northeast. Because the corn of Shandong area is deep the ability throughout the country of treatment is the strongest, the time that province internal energy supplies quite completely is not much, need is many from provincial buy. Replace in great quantities as a result of wheat this year, of corn buy had begun to decrease, predict to purchase 500 thousand tons from northeast this year, under last year.
When the circumstance that asks about aquaculture, the staff member of the company talked about the individual's view, because be put in the inaccuracy such as change of epidemic situation, price to decide an element, the prospective circumstance of aquaculture still does not decide. But as we have learned, at present fryer amount of livestock on hand is measured relatively the corresponding period rose last year two to 3 into, egg chicken filling column is relatively active, duck prices is bad, and wool pig amount of livestock on hand still keeps stable. The situation that feed demand increases smoothly before the end of the year will get continueing.
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