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Northeast investigation group: Qi Qi breaths out Er corn to research a report
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Qi Qi breaths out Er city to be located in the heartland of loose tender Campagna, city administer 9 counties 7 areas, year average air temperature 4.4 Celsius, frost-free period 135 days, year average fall 448 millimeter, edaphic condition belongs to one of 3 big blackland bands of world, relief evenness, land is fecund. Whole town population 5.63 million (among them urban population 1.43 million) .
Agrarian region accumulates 31.43 million mus, crop of its middle peasant grows an area 29.98 million mus, grain crop occupies the 1/6 that Heilongjiang saves about, last year grain crop 10.7 billion jins, predict 100 million jins to will achieve 150-160 this year, relatively crop increased 4 billion jins at least last year, growth range is in 37% above. Cultivate an area to look from what food food plants, corn cultivates an area to be 11 million mus about, soja 10 million mus, paddy 2.07 million mus, potato 4 million mus, beet 1.5 million mus, other crop many mus 100. Corn cultivates an area to basically be centered in area of the dragon river county western, high-spirited brook and peaceful to come county, 80% what the corn crop of area of these 3 counties holds whole town, and area of the eastpart part is soja advocate produce a division.
From the point of commissariat the way corp is growing, crop the way corp is growing is satisfactory this year, for recently 7, come 8 years infrequent, only fraction area appears slight ravages of a drought. This year in sight of grain bumper harvest, but still put in a few inaccuracy to decide an element. The situation of rice bumper harvest is already at present affirmatory, soja and corn also are expected bumper harvest, but still exist not to decide an element, more anxious basically is weather of likelihood occurrence early frost. If be in,the left and right sides came on September 20 frost, won't cause an effect to crop. But if be in,frost comes before September 12, output of region of so upper part will be damaged, the earliest record that crop will reduce the frost season on 20-30%(history to come was on September 9, bring about in those days 50%) of reduction of output.
Predict this year mu produce corn 500 kilograms, soja 135 kilograms (caused reduction in production as a result of volt drought 2007 serious, average mu do not produce 100 kilograms of) . Main reason depends on:
One, rise in price because of commissariat, the farmer produces enthusiasm to rise;
2, weather condition is first-rate this year, good weather for the crops, before average age can have ravages of a drought appear, and rainwater is abundant this year;
3, governmental organization high production establishs an activity;
4, promotion of aggrandizement science and technology, play agriculture produces latent capacity. The main reason that produces latent capacity without play at present depends on the following respects: 1, land farms through in successive years, earthy qualitative change is hard, capacity of edaphic self-restraint moisture is small, prevent drought hard waterlogged; 2, the pattern that still uses smallholder production, without mass mechanization production; 3, rural labor is poured out of serious. Ancient bronze mirror this, developing agriculture to produce the main the way to deal with a situation of latent capacity is: 1, cooperation of development country agriculture; 2, education cultivates large family; 3, introduce downstream enterprise to build manufacturing base.
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