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Northeast investigation group: Heilongjiang soybean increase production anticipa
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Make a bit in Jilin churchyard after adjusting, group of northeast circuitry investigation group hurries off to Heilongjiang area 23 days to develop activity of soja breed survey. Heilongjiang soja cultivates main body cent to be farming cultivate and local farmer two kinds big, cultivate area to basically include 13 ground city. Breath out Er soja together together to grow an area among them the biggest, other area is ordinal for black river, beautiful Mu Si, Harbin, peaceful change and peony river area. Suffer rise in price the element is exciting, farmer of area of this year Heilongjiang cultivates enthusiasm to rise apparently, below the circumstance that cultivates an area 3 years to drop continuously in early days, soja cultivates an area to promote a space this year bigger. Produce area soybean increase production to anticipate at present intense, but the final crop that situation of later period weather will affect this year soybean.
Statistical bureau data shows, heilongjiang area soja sowed an area to be fifty-seven million one hundred and thirty-five thousand mus 2007, per unit area yield 172.08 jins / mu, total output 4.916 million tons. And according to place orgnaization of a few survey is mirrorred, go as a result of value of market of 2006/2007 year soybean force is powerful, this area cultivates area and total output actually to answer data of statistic of prep above government. Liu Zhaofu of soja network president expresses, heilongjiang area soja cultivates an area to increase considerably this year, always sow an area to achieve seventy-two million nine hundred and five thousand mus, relatively on one agriculture year grew 17.7% ; Suffer good weather element to affect, hopeful of this year per unit area yield achieves 311 jins / mu, always produce hopeful to achieve 9.951 million tons, relatively on one agriculture year increase production 3.07 million tons, amplitude will be amounted to 47.5% . The reporter in visitting understands, about the problem that grows an area, although differ,the data that gets the person that visit to offer agrees very much, but Heilongjiang area soja cultivates an area to increase considerably this year is the market each square consistent consensus. Respect of per unit area yield, farming cultivate is conservative predict its per unit area yield is 320 jins / mu, and purchase business to predict according to commerce, per unit area yield of local peasant land is 280, 320 jins / mu, per unit area yield of farming earnestly land will be as high as 350 even, 400 jins / mu, what both yields is different and main depend on farming cultivate be in cultivate technology and administrative pattern to go up relatively the place is advanced. On the whole, each just produce what will increase considerably always to soja to anticipate general relatively intense.
Show level to produce area soja to grow the condition is overall performance is good. Be in according to the investigation group on the way the data of field and random test, the general height of soybean plant is 60, 70 centimeters, early days moisture absorbs abundant individual plant height to achieve 80 centimeters. Knot pod layer is achieved generally 10, 13, knot pod number is achieved 31, 36 / individual plant. Still do not have disease happening at present. And insect pest respect, the agricultural expert that interview expresses, although the near future has meadow snout moth's larva to happen, but snout moth's larva is in this is seasonal mostly already emergence, and gather between field ditch more, enter field hard, grow not to constitute menace basically to crop. A trafficker is being accepted when interviewing, express, total output will exceed Heilongjiang area soja this year 8 million tons, if condition of later period climate is normal, have the possibility that breaks through 10 million tons.
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