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Peak loop turns buy oil to cast dregs of rice the opportunity emerges
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From this year since April, aquaculture stability restores, as weather turn warm, feed demand rises gradually, the beans dregses of rice demand magnifies ceaselessly; At the same time domestic beans oil depot puts on the high side, the price maintains oscillation to slant to make oily plant force hold out a beans to dregs of rice infirmly, the beans is in to dregs of rice all the time in your legume market the structure with strong weak soya-bean oil, appear thereby one buys a beans to dregs of rice the prices covering interest that casts soya-bean oil. Although begin at the beginning of July as produce issue defeat considerably, the beans dregses of rice the price also drops somewhat, but opposite Yu Dou's oily urgent have diarrhoea, the beans dregses of rice or very fight drop, this also is early days buy a beans to dregs of rice cast soya-bean oil to cover profit gain to draw a perfect full stop.
Enter since August, this kind dregses of rice the structure with strong weak oil produced delicate change. From the point of all sorts of market signal of the near future, the author thinks to dregs of rice the structure with strong weak oil already die, oil dregses of rice by force weak bugle hopeful blow, buy oil to cast dregs of rice the opportunity that cover interest is emerging. Concrete analysis is as follows:
One, look forward to of crude oil hopeful is firm, drive grease to rebound
The international market anticipates the inventory such as American benzine will be reduced somewhat, add be in hour of facilities of oil of hurricane season beautiful gulf to be browbeaten, and the district conflict condition such as Gelujiya expects hard, go up along with what arouse crude oil possibly from time to tome raise. After adding the market to anticipate the Olympic Games ends, the enterprise of shutdown will resume production afresh, demand of Chinese crude oil will increase, will rise to carry display vigour to use to growth of crude oil demand. Hopeful of good factor of a lot of interest carries above jointly brace up crude oil, look forward to of hopeful of international crude market is firm pick up, and crude oil look forward to conduces to the soya-bean oil that has idea of biology the sources of energy firmly stopping drop rebound.
2, domestic double red-letter day draws near, exciting soya-bean oil stops drop
Before the Olympic Games, the entrance of domestic soya-bean oil is measured and compress the quantity lasts to the limit of one's capacity, reserve increase, in the country macroscopical adjusting control and soya-bean oil supply enough double pressure to fall, soya-bean oil price goes weak continuously. But the goods in stock of intermediate link soya-bean oil such as inland trade business is opposite however less. Enter 9, after October, grease will enter traditional consumptive peak period, mid-autumn, hopeful of National Day double section is pulled afresh to soya-bean oil demand move, terminal market increases ceaselessly to soya-bean oil demand, spurred the trafficker demand to soya-bean oil stock up, market of your soya-bean oil walks out of predicament. And oily factory of domestic each district compresses gain is long-term deficit, its are even more intense to the apiration holding out valence of soya-bean oil. Hua Dong area is large recently oily factory clinchs a deal for stimulation, take tall newspaper low go, combine the strategy that set limit to sells, make the market measures generation to be anxious to stock up, filling goods is then active, phenomenon of parcel area occurrence scare buying. Before adding a course paragraph after the price urgent have diarrhoea of time, soya-bean oil exceeds drop rebounding demand is even more clear, bring about soya-bean oil price to rise quickly.
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