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Oily factory holds out oil to dregs of rice price keeps stable
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Last week, domestic beans dregses of rice market level continues to drop. It is reported, beans of Heilongjiang Harbin area dregses of rice clinch a deal valence 4340 yuan / ton, keep stable; Oily plant of Liaoning Dalian zone clinchs a deal valence 4320 yuan / ton, keep stable; Beans of area of Zhejiang peaceful wave dregses of rice clinch a deal the price 4150 yuan / ton, keep stable; Beans of area of harbor of Jiangsu Zhang Jia dregses of rice clinch a deal the price 4150 yuan / ton, keep stable; Guangdong area beans dregses of rice pay the price 4180 yuan / ton, keep stable. Beans of oily factory of early days home dregses of rice and in pairs of soya-bean oil inventory bear pressure, but as a result of the country the interest empty news of oil storage undersell and periphery market, make choice of major oily plant relatively strong the beans dregses of rice the price, lowest of 4 price of class soya-bean oil 8100, 8200 yuan / ton, appeared to dregs of rice to cover benefit action oilily for nothing more on option market. But the near future no matter domestic beans dregses of rice the price is going up is to drop, call terminal demand hard it seems that purchase enthusiasm, partial oily plant moves actively library with alleviating the beans dregses of rice the pressure of inventory. In nearly two weeks outside dish the market is acuteness oscillation during, oily factory sells strategy to transform somewhat, quite oily apiration increases gradually.
Oily factory adjusts sale strategy
In passed early days oil price to drop considerably, oily factory is strong dregs of rice after the sale of valence is politic, beautiful beans market rebounds to pull oil of litre of near future home considerably, dregs of rice period spot price. From now on second oil factory follows dish rebound oily, dregs of rice the sale strategy of the price is analysed, changed early days to put oil to hold out the strategy that dregs of rice it seems that. Of soya-bean oil price rise extent is more than a beans to dregs of rice. It is reported, 4 class soya-bean oil of domestic all price closes 4 have exceed 9000 yuan last week / ton, week comparing goes up achieve 6.3% ; And the beans dregses of rice week comparing goes up it is only 4.3% . Show oil of near future home factory oil, dregs of rice the change that sells strategy. Because early days beans dregses of rice,follow on one hand dish go situation is fluctuant and frequent, threw into confusion of terminal demand purchase rhythm, make the market wait-and-see the sentiment is stronger; On the other hand as a result of country of soya-bean oil early days store undersell, bring about the market to look overly empty, lowest price of 4 class soya-bean oil reachs home 8100, 8200 yuan / ton, with the entrance cost is hanged badly, because this also makes,at present the ascendant space of soya-bean oil is more than a beans to dregs of rice.
Terminal needs hope for success to hand in discretion
Face oily factory of near future home to follow dish of soya-bean oil that raise price, beans to dregs of rice, agency and terminal market all relatively careful. Beans of look forward to of raise of domestic greater part dregses of rice inventory on the low side, but should see empty state of mind encounter market price case of successive close a week rebound, the market clinchs a deal begin to increase somewhat, but whole is more careful still. On one hand outside oily factory have the aid of dish rebound the stimulation that raise price is sold, but on the other hand, the beans of partial oily plant dregses of rice inventory pressure still bigger, shipment remains main purpose. According to statistic, entrance soja predicted to achieve 3.37 million tons to harbor August, under the anticipation of the market; Soya-bean oil predicts harbor 170 thousand tons, accord with the market to anticipate. At present major oily plant stops together with machine overhaul, the beans on the market dregses of rice, soya-bean oil is begged for be more than make see empty atmosphere still exist.
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