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Domestic soybean market continues to present weak force to run a feature
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Since the last ten-day of a month in August, with fervent those who undertake is medium each match photograph compares Beijing Olympic Games, activity of purchase and sale of domestic soybean market appears unusual cold and cheerless. Beans yield a division farming reach trafficker to all be in discretion wait-and-see in, the market is handed in cast an activity very delicate, at the same time major oily plant is in stop close, in be restricted to produce or be being overhauled, and soja price continues to present weak force to run a feature. End on August 19, market of soybean of Heilongjiang Harbin periphery still has valence not to have city, the price that partial Qing Dynasty picks food is in 4.5-4.6 yuan / kilogram; Heilongjiang breaths out Er soja together together to buy basic backwater, the Qing Dynasty that local grain nods chooses soja to buy valence to be in 4.22 yuan / kilogram around. Current, as a result of market supply and demand main area did not produce materiality change, activity of market purchase and sale is short-term inside see hard apparently active, because this predicts its,prices of price weak potential also will be changed hard. Concrete analysis is as follows:
One, activity of market purchase and sale is very light, trafficker faces sale pressure
Current, lose continuously in domestic soybean market under force structure, the market trades action seeks sign already hard, north of its middle east produces an area to seldom count trafficker and oily factory to be in those who maintain the margin to buy an activity only, but the psychology of cherish carry out that too low quoted price cannot move to be decided for Fang Jian at all, clinch a deal the quantity is extremely exiguous. The southern market condition that sell a division is not ideal also at the same time, because soja price is unlimited ground fall after a rise, stimulated more need square wait-and-see psychology, make trafficker sale faces unprecedented pressure. Although period price was close to CBOT soja recently,the position of harden board has not hand in put into production to give birth to absolutely influence to what domestic haven imports soybean. At present soja of entrance of area of haven of Shandong Qingdao, sunshine clinchs a deal actually valence is in 4650-4680 yuan / ton around, quote of haven of Jiangsu Nantong area is in 4650 yuan / ton around, relatively drop last weekend 100 yuan / or so tons.
2, oily factory presses crush out to show severe loss, stop receive more wait-and-see psychology thicker
Be dregsed of rice by oil the price drops considerably and demand of terminal breed aquatics is affected fatigued and weakly continuously, home produces area majority oily factory to buy enthusiasm since the near future apparently abate, wait-and-see psychology is very strong; And supply as homebred beans source in fact near end further, factory of oil yield a division has been entered seasonal stop production is periodic. And trafficker yield a division is in after losing bought main force, also be in retreat city wait-and-see in. In the meantime, enthusiasm of go into operation of foreland oily plant also is affected apparently, nevertheless, as a result of 8, the whole of entrance soja amount that anticipated harbor September is taller, because this is big,the phenomenon of area shutdown appears not quite easily also. Say according to coming from the message of the market, the soja shipment volume July is as high as 410-430 10 thousand tons, and the shipment volume August is in 270-300 10 thousand tons. Oil of whole of near future home dregses of rice use up speed photograph not to calculate to the inventory level of oily factory tall, because this is oily,the works shows level shipment will still be his main task, the entrance soja that pays close attention to near future oily factory arrives circumstance, start working circumstance.
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