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Market of soybean of near future home goes situation billows not Jing
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Its 5, period city is immersed in CBOT soja oscillation dish entire position, weather interest turns gradually more the sky that it is benefit.
Before the course two weeks after rebounding, period city is immersed in CBOT soja last week oscillation dish entire position, early days acclaims the influence that dry weather brings to be able to have reflected in period price, the market lacks the inducement that continues to rise; Ministry of American Chinese and Western advocate the quantity of rainfall yield a division increases tension the international market is right the worry of soybean crop; After interest of short-term market digestive weather is so much, will enter main area relative to smoother phase, weather interest is much also the addition as rainfall turn gradually the sky that it is benefit; Prospective low temperature and early frost will be the key that the market pays close attention to. From short-term in light of, the weather city hype that produces a division about American soja still did not end, walk along situation fluctuation bigger, pay close attention to advocate the change of temperature yield a division, already had at present drop in temperature evidence, this makes grow speed makes soja newly relative to slower United States, the odds that encounters early frost is bigger.
Its 6, crude market goes situation existence dispute, will bring about oscillation of international commodity market to swing aggravate.
If hurricane assaults Mexican bay to destroy the word of energy facilities,the message says, american government and arrange of international the sources of energy will employ strategic oil reserve, increase supply, bring benefit pneumatics force to the market. Additional, the dollar goes up trend hopeful continues, go to commodity market situation is adverse (the annulus of GDP of United States of the 2nd quarter that this week United States announces grows 3.3 % than annual rate, prep above market anticipates. This makes the market alleviates to the worry of American economic depression, the raise on the dollar that prop up) . Accordingly on the whole, period price goes influence CBOT soja a few of situation main factors all are put in variable, because this is short-term inside soybean market is short-term go situation maintain oscillation pattern.
Taking one with another, from seasonal supply angle will tell, as time gradually elapse, the new beans of Sino-US two countries also will appear on the market stage by stage, the market will appear one supplies a height, of price of this pair of soja rise relatively adverse. According to the convention, arrived in September the middle ten days of a month, the early breed of partial area will begin to appear on the market, add pattern of soja whole increase production already was decided this year, both sides of supply and demand sees hollow reason serious. Additional, soja of domestic northeast area compresses the enterprise is bought as before arrearage, most enterprise maintains wait-and-see attitude, significant demand is not worth the market, go to soja near future situation also formed greater pressure. Although come to those who see soja for a long time go,the author thinks situation still existing very big uncertainty, but short-term inside the pressure that the market faces still hard evasive.
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