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Benefit sky holds dominant weak potential of short-term corn market as before
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Current, domestic corn market passes the adjustment of period of time, its price whole is relatively smooth, only foreland appears small drop. Olympic Games drawing near, the country has to the adjusting control strength of corn market add without decrease; Short-term inside, overall amount of livestock on hand measures birds of our country cultivate to still won't appear more apparent growth, the way corp is growing of corn of the home before be being added is general and good, accordingly, short-term inside market atmosphere and main area element all are opposite of domestic corn market go situation form benefit sky, structure of its price weak force as before. Particular case is as follows:
One of, northeast lays in corn temporarily the sale is short-term inside will continue to hit control home market. July since the first ten days of a month, northeast corn price presents a state that goes up steadily again, to stablize market price case effectively, country from July the last ten-day of a month begins northeastern produce an area to begin lay in corn auction temporarily. Chu Jing price sold the country on July 29 corn adds up to 320 thousand tons, clinch a deal actually about 270 thousand tons, assembly double ratio is led 83.40% , clinch a deal all valence 1586 yuan / ton. Among them, central reserve corn plans to sell 22154 tons, clinch a deal entirely, clinch a deal all valence 1792 yuan / ton; Store corn plans to sell 300383 tons temporarily, clinch a deal actually 246834 tons, lead into double ratio 82.17% , clinch a deal all valence 1568 yuan / ton. Become friendship condition still relatively ideal. And, from the country that held on August 5 sale of price of contest of Chu Yu rice looks, cancelled all southern markets that sell a division first, all supply of goods all out northeast produces a division, bring further callback pressure to northeast corn market. In light of the adjusting control step that takes to corn market from current state, the government applies multiple method to stablize corn price to go situation, the determination of adjusting control market is sturdy. From short-term in light of, market of our country corn is under the pressure of national adjusting control, its market goes situation general to keep weak force structure.
2, short-term inside our country aquaculture will still be maintained to the demand of corn slant weak posture. This year 9, aquaculture of domestic live pig will greet most and mothball sow to center yield level November, accordingly, enter this year after the 3rd quarter, supply of domestic young pig will appear more apparent growth, to feed the demand of corn also will rise. From at present young pig appears on the market structure of amount of livestock on hand of level, sow and sow produce son cycle to look, the pig feed sales volume after the 3rd quarter will continue to appear this year growth, and the amplitude of the fourth quarter will more hasten is apparent. Accordingly, second half of the year is spent, whole of demand of feed of domestic live pig still presents tigidity to rise situation, also produced the puissant effect that prop up to price of corn of later period home. But from short-term in light of, before the first ten days of a month in August, domestic feed aquaculture will still assume relatively fatigued and weak situation to the demand of corn, still be empty factor of one big profit undoubtedly to market of corn of near future home.
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