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Corn turns over season to rise prices still is worth to expect
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The near future, international corn market suffers dry weather to carry Zhen Jiang interest to rebound, and of crude oil rebound and next defeat of dollar index are aggrandizement more corn market turns over bounce to spend. Under photograph comparing, domestic corn market drops situation somewhat look forward to is firm, but keep weak force structure as before. Person of domestic corn market enrages prediction of a person's luck in a given year, the quantity that maintain a warehouse decreases continuously, clinch a deal low fan, market performance is dismal. Pressure of policy adjusting control still is dominant market takes the crucial factor of situation, the country balances area supply through quick adjusting control step, limit scope of price wave motion. It is under pressure of national adjusting control, corn market is wait-and-see the sentiment is strong, short-term go situation is bad have improvement. Nevertheless, from in recent years corn market goes in light of situation, turn over season to rise prices still hopeful returns.
Market of corn of policy pressure dominant goes situation

To the corn market this year, policy adjusting control becomes influence market to take the factor with most crucial situation undoubtedly. This year since the beginning of the year, the country exports drawback through cancelling corn, collect the act such as export custom duty to limit export, increase domestic supply, stablize the price to go situation. The area is sold to undertake corn auctions an activity continuously in south, stablize the price that sell a division effectively to go situation. Face price yield a division to appear rise trend, the country is in the last ten-day of a month began in July northeastern produce an area to begin corn to auction an activity. Undertake as on sale, clinch a deal the state glides gradually. On August 19 country store auction proceed, among them Heilongjiang area clinchs a deal rate is insufficient 1% , state of indication market supply and demand produces change, the price goes situation hasten to lose. Furnish to stabilize southern market, the country starts the 4th batch of corn to move library plan, from northeast v yield a division use of five hundred and nineteen thousand five hundred tons of corn puts south to sell a division. Nearly a few times the country cancels to sell the sale of the area in south, concentrated force quantity is northeastern produce an area to undertake auctioning. Suffer content to shed an element to restrict, later period south sells area supply to may appear problem, it is under this apprehension, start when national P.S. move library plan. From the point of method of policy adjusting control, value of market of national control corn goes the resolution of situation sturdy, and the step is quick. Short-term in light of, corn market is under pressure of national adjusting control, walk along situation general to keep weak force structure.

Slack of person energy of life is short-term have hard as

To corn market, the influence of pressure of national adjusting control to option market psychology more very at the influence to spot market. At present C809 contract price is 1650 yuan / or so tons, and price of second-class corn smooth cabin is in Dalian harbor 1690, 1700 yuan / ton, increase cost of complete a business transaction, cover interest now into date of departure at present profitable, but from the point of option market expression, c809 agreement maintains a warehouse the quantity continues to decrease, apparent lack buys the market dish, this sufficient specification negotiant goes to later period situation do not value anticipate. Corn serves as the great variety of option market, the level that maintain a warehouse is spent on behalf of the attention of the market. Go before from corn market situation is OK see, when prices is brisk, corn maintains a warehouse the quantity often exceeds 1 million hands, and at present brunt agreement holds a storehouse to measure inadequacy 300 thousand hand, day clinchs a deal quantity only left and right sides of 200 thousand hand, what visible market attention spends is low. Generally speaking, corn market every time of big prices start what all accompany the quantity that maintain a warehouse to change considerably, at present corn market maintains a warehouse the quantity maintains level of on the low side, the market clinchs a deal not active also, the market does not have the person that starts big prices to enrage a condition. Besides policy pressure, what market person enrages is low confusing also is to restrict prices to take the another crucial factor of situation. Before market person enrages repair, corn market still is given priority to with prices of narrow cut oscillation.
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