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City of ox of soja period city already rebuked whether city should stand to deat
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In the past in July, be destined is rough every in January, heavy goods market appears one after another god-given insanity. On July 3, period price achieves CBOT soja a 1654 cent / the historical high price of bushel, back-to-back, the vane of commodity futures -- the price of crude oil futures of NYMEX also achieved 147.25 dollars / the high price of the bucket. Predict in everybody price of crude oil period can pound 150 dollars very quickly / of the bucket when closing greatly, the United States appears as a result of high oil price demand is sudden reductive message, the instant makes price of crude oil period falls from high in the clouds, began to be as long as subsequently of half month drop trend, the 120.44 dollars that reached minimum on July 29 / bucket, relatively historical perch shrink 18.2% . In crude oil period price start shooting after dropping the first gun, heavy goods price plays in succession had free falling body, CBOT corn (1785, - 31, - 1.71% , ) period price relatively dropped 11 days 22% , soja criterion relatively historical perch drops went 18.3% , drop basically answered the level by May, push the premium that flood of ministry of American Chinese and Western fetched in June completely piece.
Soja period price drops result crude oil steeps fall, and the abolish of policy of Argentine float tax rate, strong drove this to steep fall. The it may be said of Argentine political situation July is changeable, argentine parliament commons passed a bill with faint and most ticket on July 5, the controversy that sustains • of the Si Dina in presidential gram to object strongly what Feiernadesi disregards farmer exporting duty to carry out to soja March is moved on the gender, and the odds that also shows to the investigation of the courtyard on A parliament this act is passed subsequently is very big, this lets the market feel Argentine to exit stops condition to still can continue. Who expects loop of condition abrupt peak turns, on July 17, after vice president pitching breaks the one bill of balance of power, senate overruled this with faint and most ticket new tax system. The voting result of senate makes the president must abolish be moved on tax rate, soja exit tax rate regains the inferior level before March, this shows Argentine soja exit has been swept besides last obstacle, because this market predicts Argentine exit to be able to appear in succession,jump circumstance, and soja demand of the whole world also can turn to South America. Below this kind of circumstance, the American soybean stockpile that early days bull acclaims dropped quickly to also lose its reality sense (because Argentina exports backwater since March,the real reason that American soybean stockpile reduces is, make demand turns to the United States, draw out thereby empty inventory) of the United States, nominal is rapid and occupational the market, the free falling body that directed the price moves.
Look now, the steeps fall actually nominal thering is no lack of is acclaimed suspicion of soja period price. Before nominal is driven in Argentine exit to restore, do empty period price, actual be pair of A exit is tremendous hit pressure. From the Argentine exit later the circumstance also can see this, although Argentine exit obstacle is already nonexistent, but the influence that is fallen greatly by CBOT period price, its export is main still be to be in backwater condition. The advantage that nominal acclaims ahead of schedule is, although the price is fried very lowly, but cannot release as a result of Argentine export capabilities, can make period price from beginning to end bear pressure, rebound consequently lack of power; Want to encounter new benefit empty information only, even if influence is very weak, what still can cause the price is farther next defeat. Additional, as the elapse of time, the time that leaves Argentine outcome already not much, the soja that crosses 3 months the Northern Hemisphere again was about to appear on the market, and international trade is medium goods period is general and longer, accordingly, before Argentine affirmative meeting is driven in soja of the Northern Hemisphere to appear on the market shipment. To Argentine trafficker, better shipment is when flood of Ministry of Agriculture evaluated a report to announce August period, because will look from foregone now circumstance, this report should be deflection interest is much. Accordingly, illuminate such looking, the interest much sex that the Ministry of Agriculture reported August can be hit certainly pressure, cause new the odds of city of round of ox is not big, this still is more favorable situation to nominal.
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