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Dregs of rice strong oily weak pattern still will continue
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The beans on futures of near future home, spot market dregses of rice the price goes situation all strong Yu Dou is oily, its are main the reason is today spring since aquaculture restores quickly and burst of oil market bubble. The author thinks, dregs of rice one kind when strong oil can regard fat to early days edible price as to rise too quickly on some kind of meaning infirmly is amended, because the beans dregses of rice,demand is started already became finality, its are opposite of soya-bean oil strong will be able to maintain inside period of time.
Actually, the beans dregses of rice strong lid crosses soya-bean oil beardless too open-eyed, this just is in what concern to both ratio on certain level to amend. Dregs of rice from Dalian soya-bean oil and beans ratio looks, the ratio between both was in basically 2006 2.2 the left and right sides, begin to grow gradually till the ability end 2006 tall, and what form at the beginning of this year March 3.86 apparent greatly prep above normal level. In September 2006 portion, soya-bean oil, beans dregses of rice futures index is respectively 5500 with 2200 bits, and was respectively in March 2008 14600 with 3750 bits, go up it is respectively 165% with 70% , soya-bean oil goes up an apparent on the high side. Look from CBOT data, came 2003 in September 2006 before the portion, the soya-bean oil that is the same as an unit and beans dregs of rice case comparing is in futures price 2 to 2.7 between, the 3.84 apparent also prep above of the portion are normal in March 2008 level. Because the beans of this near future dregses of rice,slanting to be strong on certain level is pair of early days grease too driving, beans dregses of rice to slant relatively one kind of weak condition is amended, that is to say both is in incline to a kind of reasonable specific value concerns.
Notable is, dregs of rice the possibility that the situation with strong weak oil preserves for some time is very large. Because,this basically is, the refreshment of aquaculture already was become finality, impose a state all sorts of giving aid to that policy produces effect, dregs of rice for the beans demand provided powerful support. Relative to character, the demand growth of soya-bean oil is constant, short-term inside appear unlikely sudden type grows, and the store up oil that supply side comes to enterprise of early days spec needs to handle, 2 come Chinese rapeseed is accident this year high yield and supply enough, 3 come the palm oil on the international market furnishs relatively on year comfortable, make the supply of edible grease overall and opposite comfortable. Such soya-bean oil values are short-term inside opposite Yu Dou dregses of rice the price rises quickly lose a condition, bring about directly dregs of rice the situation with strong weak oil appears.
Look for a long time nevertheless, oil dregses of rice ratio also regains the level to the front of September 2006 unlikely. Because produce the behavior of biology derv to be in with edible grease,this basically is Europe, South America, United States, Indonesian wait to had made a kind of trend, this increased the demand gross of grease greatly. Look from Chinese market, dregs of rice the situation with strong weak oil may last to mid-autumn, before the National Day. The addition that edible grease consumes during double section may become grease to take strong chance.
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