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Domestic soja price is certain in slant to clinch a deal infirmly the amount is
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Enter August, domestic soybean spot market goes force is relatively steady, no matter be to produce a division,homebred soybean market or cent of haven entrance soja sell the market, "Valence does not have city " all be minatory market clinchs a deal the main problem of the quantity; Area of the eastpart part is at present oily of the factory buy the price already low amount to 4600 yuan / ton - 4800 yuan / ton; Heilongjiang produces the soja in area farmer hand basic be exhausted, and oil dregses of rice demand lasts low fan, consequently oily factory receives fabaceous enthusiasm to drop ceaselessly, stop machine amount to also be added gradually much, enter what plant of oil yield a division will enter after August is seasonal stay engine level, and local oil dregses of rice supply also will farther hasten is close. And because market of haven entrance soybean lacks ask dish, whole is handed in cast delicate, the price is stable also be in 5400 yuan / ton - 5500 yuan / ton between. Additionally near future of international soybean market lacks clear advantage much subject matter to prop up, continuance oscillation dish whole prices, because this predicts domestic soja spot price will still with firm in slant to go infirmly situation give priority to, particular case analyses as follows:
One of, oily factory purchases soja enthusiasm into city not tall, control soja price go up
Since last week, heilongjiang produces division oily plant to purchase soja enthusiasm into city not tall, because oil dregses of rice,merchandise on hand drops continuously, serious menace oily factory compresses profit, add its oneself raw material to supply relatively enough, because this buys enthusiasm,drop considerably. On the whole, in oily factory current oil dregses of rice clinch a deal quantity considerably below the circumstance of shrink, use original inventory soja to compress face greater manufacturing pressure, this also is the main reason that oily factory buys enthusiasm to drop apparently. Because lose the action propping up of oily factory, business of circumjacent merchandise on hand cannot get the circumstance of safeguard to fall in shipment, the enthusiasm that enter town also gets apparent be a burden on, control soja price then go up; End weekend, heilongjiang the eastpart part produces division oily plant to explode give 4600 yuan / ton level sex on the low side buys price. Additional, enter August, according to the convention, factory of oil yield a division will be entered generally stay engine level, also will make soja price is lost accordingly prop up and aftereffect is insufficient.
Secondly, food business continues to support cautious attitude into city
As we have learned, produce area great majority at present the food business that food business masters soja supply of goods, continue to support careful and wait-and-see attitude to entering town, make the market trades then mobile arrearage, and clinch a deal the amount is small fan. Of course, manufacturer quoted price is too low, cannot get the market approbate, the appearance that each district has valence not to have city is more general, make both sides of supply and demand is in phase of refuse to budge at present.
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