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Corn soares fear be transitory
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Since July, domestic corn market goes weak continuously, market person enrages ceaseless prediction of a person's luck in a given year. However, accident of market of 5 Dalian corn erupts last week go up situation, da Baiyuan of panel height of the wave inside day / ton, walk along the characteristic with composed situation instead, your corn market is paid close attention to extensively. And the supply and demand of American Ministry of Agriculture that announces that evening reports and did not give the market how many accident, CBOT corn market also reacts insipid. The near future is domestic and international corn market is primary face change is not big, international corn market goes situation continue to pay close attention to weather variation, and home market needs to await new theme how-to.
Report of supply and demand of American Ministry of Agriculture affects neuter to the market
Of weather of American center-west region improve and anticipate to what supply and demand reported benefit is empty July, walk along power generation to CBOT corn market heavy pressure, market price case issues defeat continuously. On July 11, the report of supply and demand that American Ministry of Agriculture publishs shows benefit sky slightly, but take situation effect to the market finite, CBOT corn market drops situation look forward to is firm. The report predicts, inventory of year end of corn of 2007/2008 year United States is 1.598 billion bushel, prep above market beforehand appraise all is worth 1.514 billion bushel; Inventory of year end of corn of 2008/2009 year United States beforehand appraise is 833 million bushel, prep above market beforehand appraise all is worth 820 million bushel. Although reserve data is right,market impact slants empty, but the report reduced corn per unit area yield beforehand appraise value, per unit area yield of corn of United States of year of report predicting 2008/2009 is 148.4 bushel / acre, under go up month beforehand the 148.9 bushel of appraise / acre, beneficial to the market much effect. Of reserve data on of harmonic per unit area yield reduce much to market impact empty half, influence strength is finite. Additional, although reserve data go up somewhat tone, but consumption of stockpile of corn of 2008/2009 year United States comes nearly 10 years to come than still dropping lowest, also was 1960 the second low since, situation of corn market supply as before austere, go to the price situation have the effect that prop up, show level to go situation still need to pay close attention to weather variation.
Accident of domestic corn market soares prices is fluctuant and acuteness
Dalian corn market goes situation oscillation last week, the raise after oring first. Before 4 trade day market continuance drops situation, person morale is low fan. Be in however last week 5 afternoon, corn price erupts suddenly go up situation, 901 agreement go up for a time reach 1953 yuan / ton, nevertheless the market maintains perch hard, period price pours fast fall after a rise. Da Baiyuan of panel height of the wave inside day is the corn market with opposite all the time and depressed situation to attract many people to enrage, brunt agreement clinchs a deal that day the quantity exceeds 1 million hands. Below the market that goes weak continuously, the accident of corn market soares startling. The market has a message to say that day, national approval supplies 170 thousand tons of corn for Taiwan area, and occurrence problem of some nominal capital is forced to make the same score a storehouse. But rely on this two messages only whether drive corn market to perform so acuteness prices to make a person suspect that day. From that day the market goes in light of situation, 901 agreement closing quotation at 1906 yuan / ton, time spit the much inside day to go up, and the quantity that maintain a warehouse is decreased hold nearly 50 thousand hand, make clear rise prices decreases a storehouse for nominal be driven, continue to rise kinetic energy is insufficient, soare prices fears be transitory.
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