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Domestic soja: The price is stable the market is full of variable
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In time of close a week, domestic soja spot price goes situation from before tend gradually after fall after a rise considerably smooth, and as main area message appease, atmosphere of air of the benefit inside field is digested by market place gradually. The market whole circumstance that comes according to a few days looks, beautiful dish drop the panicky atmosphere that earlier place creates in succession desalt, but the shadow that spot price steeped fall in negotiant psychology is formed March still makes market person enrages lax, most demand just continues to support careful and wait-and-see attitude to entering town, make the market trades then mobile arrearage, and clinch a deal the amount is small fan. Of course, another reason depends on needing to just had quoted low, cannot get farmer basically to approbate, the appearance that each district has valence not to have city is more general, make both sides of supply and demand is in phase of refuse to budge. According to at present home market circumstance, be badly in need of interest good news carry brace up require the square confidence that enter town, but below the big environment of scan widely international market, crude oil goes soft, dollar hasten is strong, Argentine farmer strike end and American weather improve wait for a series of negative effects to still hold advantage position, negotiant confidence is in by dribble away, this will be a dangerous signal to soja merchandise on hand.
Damage of oily factory profit fears be not worth aftereffect
This week, factory of oil yield a division joins city fervor not tall, because oil dregses of rice,merchandise on hand drops continuously, serious menace oily factory compresses profit, add its oneself raw material to supply relatively enough, because this buys enthusiasm,drop considerably. Can see, clinch a deal in oily factory quantity considerably below the circumstance of shrink, use original inventory soja to compress face greater manufacturing pressure, this also is the main reason that temporarily oily factory buys enthusiasm to drop. Because lose the action propping up of oily factory, business of circumjacent merchandise on hand cannot get the circumstance of safeguard to fall in shipment, the enthusiasm that enter town also gets apparent be a burden on, restrain soja price to go up then. Additional, enter August, according to the convention, factory of oil yield a division will be entered generally stay engine level, also will make the go up road of soja is propped up because of losing after that strong inadequacy.
Weather element interweaves the report decides situation
According to near future beauty dish go in light of situation, for lack of sufficient hype reason, beautiful beans period price does concussion to adjust inside interval temporarily. See not hard, much emptier both sides has abandoned basically in July the market, it is with all one's strength forthcoming and be full of variable saved energy August. And August, the market has probably the following attention of two need selling a site. Above all, weather of ministry of American Chinese and Western will still be the mainest hype factor. From in last few days weather forecast circumstance looks, rainfall of period of time and sizzler enrage future interweave, make cultivate area, per unit area yield to wait be full of uncertainty, this also offers speculator " make use of a subject to elaborate one's own ideas " space. Consider the market is very at present apparent to the sensitive degree of weather, accordingly, the weather August walks along what decide spot price greatly situation. Next, supply demand relations also is one of issues that needed to pay close attention to mainly in August. According to understanding, american Ministry of Agriculture will publish report of supply and demand of monthly of new first phase on August 12, at the appointed time, to this year period end writtens guarantee transfer of cargo to another storage is put, and soybean crop, sow the data such as the area to will be announced in succession. At the appointed time, the sows speed, crop growth of beautiful beans circumstance and supply will cause beautiful beans price possibly again fluctuate considerably.
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