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The personage inside course of study of merchandise on hand appeals -- feed busi
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Current, international soja price lasts perch moves, feed business faces costly beans to dregs of rice the cost pressure that create steps forward dimension difficult. Face costly raw material, the personage of industry of grain fat merchandise on hand holds at Dalian yesterday appealed on feedstuff prices symposium 2008, feed business should use new-style finance tool to promote competition ability, will passive market position melt into is active.
On the meeting, chen Tao of general manager of company of Beijing of Lu Yida inspire confidence in sb says, below the setting of global economy inflation, chinese food oily industry should strengthen risk consciousness, do good risk to be on guard. Especially feed industry, dregs of rice in the beans room of market price pattern does not fall high, manufacturing profit lasts below the environment of shrink, should notice to undertake futures cover more protect. He thinks, option market of produce of big business place develops extraordinary success, especially soja, beans dregses of rice, the series breed such as soya-bean oil, dalian and the circumjacent feed business of the area should use good home option market, the production that reduces an enterprise runs a risk.
Chen Tao thinks, although since nearly two weeks, the price of the product such as international soja, corn appeared callback, but " the end that short-term callback does not represent bovine city. " he expresses, international produce is overall go up situation is changeless, of bovine city durative all be more than the past with timeliness. He thinks, the hand of direct act pusher that house of international grain price does not leave high is " produce the sources of energy is changed " , "The hasten of supply demand relations that by climate change causes is close passable overcome, but the produce the sources of energy that energy concern insecurity causes is changed reaching the produce that brings about then to rise in price is a revolution that cannot avoid, it is China does not advocate commissariat to wait only but the austere sex that the development of second birth the sources of energy did not find problem of international food safety consequently. "