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Domestic beans dregses of rice market price case faces fluctuant risk
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Content abstract: This year since April, the beans that serves as one of important feedstuff dregses of rice spot price is climbed continuously litre, achieve historical record ceaselessly new tall, and the beans dregses of rice while the price goes high all the way, also bring greater cost pressure to domestic feed business. But from nearly two years prices looks, raw material goes up go up with feed a different situation, feed rises in price have apparent lag sex; And the beans dregses of rice to be main feedstuff, also make terminal breed aquatics door raise cost to rise considerably, virtually was cut down a few breed profit, affect breed door filling column enthusiasm. Current nevertheless foreland is major oily factory is nonexistent the beans dregses of rice inventory pressure, and oil sale prices is in consumption all the time off-season in, because this compresses in soja,the setting that profit maintains higher level falls, because import the change of cost, oily factory still has hold out the apiration that dregs of rice. But the near future was accumulating a large number of gaining profit to answer say dish of pressure while, period city encounters CBOT soja the resonance with periphery acuteness and fluctuant market, drop at be being used after independent day holiday stop to release energy of fall after a rise, also dregs of rice to domestic beans spot market brings greater benefit pneumatics power. Enter the 3rd quarter, domestic beans dregses of rice the market supplies hopeful to increase further, and demand of terminal breed aquatics also hopeful continues to maintain growth momentum, and live pig demand can become the person among them new force, enter summertime CBOT soja additionally period price also can be faced with more acuteness fluctuant prices, consequently on the whole, domestic beans dregses of rice spot market is in after entering the 3rd quarter, prices also is sure to produce the risk with fluctuant price repeatedly.
Since the near future, domestic beans dregses of rice spot price is behaved from beginning to end move to follow Pan Bo apparently, foreland oily factory is highest quote touchs every tons 4850 yuan / ton, end on July 8, beans of domestic foreland oily factory dregses of rice quote is in 4600 yuan centrally / ton - 4680 yuan / ton, relatively the corresponding period drops last week it is 100 yuan / ton - 170 yuan / ton, but that day the whole nation all valence relatively the corresponding period went up last year still achieve 92% ; The beans dregses of rice spot price level is outer of ministry market drive below, achieve historical record ceaselessly, to feed business purchased enthusiasm to form apparent inhibition, the raise nurturance of terminal aquaculture rises stage by stage originally, breed profit space to narrow gradually, affect situation of later period filling column badly, especially to birds kind for. On the whole, the beans of domestic foreland oily factory dregses of rice inventory pressure is not great, but terminal market is purchased form farther wait-and-see mood, be in the beauty dish of the defeat below fabaceous price all fronts dozen pressure below, the beans dregses of rice the price also before a few weeks go up an all time spit; And in fact beans of early days home dregses of rice price all the time by integral overmeasure, approach cost price gradually at present around; And although breed demand,restore range on the other hand slow, nevertheless level of feed company stock works body on the low side, still have purchase demand. Additionally the dollar rebounds continuously, of crude oil futures dropped to all stimulate international commodity market considerably sell dish of interest, improve plus what ministry of American Chinese and Western produces area weather, consequently beautiful dish of fabaceous price near future bear press wide cut oscillation, the author is integrated and relevant information analysis thinks, beans of home of the 3rd quarter dregses of rice merchandise on hand will continue to be moved with Pan Bo, integral prices will relapse somewhat. Concrete analysis is as follows:
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