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Value of domestic corn market still is shown " north is strong south weak " patt
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The near future, market of corn of area of our country greater part still is to go up acoustical rise from all directions, from the point of area, north produces an area to go up situation is apparently fast sell a division at south; And price of China north corn rises criterion corn of northeast of apparent prep above. Rise in price as corn of area of produce and sale of north and south of foot abhorrent, consequently market of corn of near future home " north is strong south weak " pattern is farther apparent. The abidance that the city after considering produces an area to be able to offer supply of goods drops the likelihood that existence of price of wheat of north of together with China continues to rise, produce area corn price to go up continuance consequently situation; Because stock up of early days of most feed business is relatively abundant,south sells a division, short-term inside purchase enthusiasm weaker. Conclude accordingly, market of corn of near future home " north is strong south weak " pattern still can be maintained, concrete analysis is as follows:
Management cost of northward corn yield a division carries further litre, strong drive already showed the market slightly
The near future, northeast, China north the two corn prices that produce a division greatly carry again litre, price of corn of its China north rises particularly apparent, at present whole of northward corn market already showed driving sign slightly. Farmer of area of northeast greater part yield a division puts grain level to already approached a bottom to be restricted, and northward haven trafficker enters the initiative that produces an area to purchase corn to still have however add without decrease, the trafficker that prompted partial zone consequently reachs grain depot to go up accordingly moved price of its corn delivery of cargo from storage, but in light of whole, northeast corn price is fluctuant still not apparent. And the corn market of area of China north majority still continued last week go up situation, especially Shandong, Heibei. Put what grain measures to glide as corn of area of Shandong, Heibei, wheaten price of place of together with near future continues tall, drove corn price further go up pace. As price of China north corn go strong, north of at present home produces the corn price cost of the area to already was promoted apparently, meanwhile, of steam derv price and railway transportation expenses go up in succession tone also supported cost of price of corn of the city after producing a division. Predict to produce an area to put grain level to drop ceaselessly below the market background that reachs transport costs tall look forward to, what city north produces area corn market after is strong pattern general is able to continue.
The southern market that sell a division purchases enthusiasm weaker, corn price rises situation is short-term inside catch up with hard change yield a division
Because sell area majority feed company is leading period stock up capacity is sufficient, although northeast trafficker delivers goods of apiration abate and bring about sell an area to arrive the volume drops, the corn price that did not affect the market that sell a division however goes situation. Most feed business purchases enthusiasm to slant weak, the corn price that consequently majority sells a division rises a speed that catchs up with cost of corn yield a division promotes hard. Slant relatively as a result of what sell area corn price weak, trade margin of corn of area of produce and sale is squashed further, to delivering goods originally the northeast trafficker with weaker apiration, it is one disaster after another more, trafficker of together with majority is right of domestic corn market hind city still is valued, hold grain to wait for the psychology that go up to be shown again strong. Although the part sells district near future to arrive,will appear to glide apparently, but the inventory as a result of most feed business is current still more abundant, the corn price that because this predicts greater part is southern,sells a division is short-term inside appear harder to rise apparently prices.
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