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Prop up difficult abiding corn to will dive
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Enter since July, in callback of legume, wheaten futures the influence falls, merchandise on hand of together with corn is basic range lack be apt to but old, corn futures linger drops. Brunt agreement C0901 drops for a time broken at the beginning of April and the low that forms by May. But be in drop the instant of the low before defeating, because hazy profit is good exciting, last week sex of panic of nominal of 5 dishes of mid cent is answered fill, bring about corn to touch actually inside short time harden board. But the author thinks, in corn supply and demand main area still slants below empty environment, in circumjacent and relevant produce (love, prices, information) rise below lack of power circumstance, of corn rebound to continue very hard, after the course is propped up momently, corn drops continuance eventually situation.
One, corn merchandise on hand is lentic small billows, rise in price power is insufficient
Although be busy season of corn tradition consumption at present, also be the period of corn tradition temporary shortage, but at present corn market appears to oppose seasonal and depressed aspect eccentrically however. Spot market is exceptionally stable, the situation that goes up to drop greatly greatly appears very hard. At present northeast area still has a part to put food in farmer hand, and make work as a result of the cherish of early days, the amount that put food is more than on year, the corn of northeast area is bought still be in proceed, the price is in mostly 0.75, 0.8 yuan / jin between. Price of smooth cabin of corn of area of bright and beautiful city, Dalian is in northward haven mostly 1700, 1740 yuan / ton between, rise than early days 10 yuan / or so tons. Southern haven puts an amount as a result of corn more, demand of together with feed is depressed, corn rises in price lack of power, maintain mostly be in 1900 yuan / ton. Produce and sale combines area of area Shandong, Henan, Heibei, the value also changes not quite, fluctuant extent is in 20 yuan / ton less than. Can appear of spot price instead seasonal and depressed, basically answer ascribe supply and demand. Although area occurrence drought distributes land last year, per unit area yield is reduced somewhat, but because sow area ratio to go up year increase substantially, always be produced or with on year keep balance, increase production of corn of area of north of together with China, domestic corn still increased last year. And on demand, the exit that can obtain 400 tons of quantities all the year round is made stop by the government. The development of aquaculture also under anticipate, at present the beans dregses of rice of the price soare, make feed cost raises, bring about breed profit to reduce, together with is the flesh at present kind demand is relatively off-season, the flesh kind price occurrence be issued to lower levels, pork price continues low go. This causes feed corn demand under anticipate. Of course, during Beijing Olympic Games, do not amount to mark because of environmental protection and bring about area of part of Heibei, Shandong stop production of deep treatment company also forms certain keep within limits to corn demand.
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