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American soja blocks the pharynx and larynx of Chinese feed mill
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Concerned personage thinks, the association that protects ethical company to need home, government sector tries hard together
South rural area signs up for dispatch: "Big company of A, B, C, D4 controlled China the entrance soja supply of goods of 80% , in addition, international food business still controlled China the oil company of 66% . " group of Guangzhou city feed is senior personage king auspicious (alias) anxiety-ridden, the trend of industry of soja of China of foreign capital control is acting more jump over intense. So called 4 big companies, it is to point to auspicious of ADM(Archer Daniels Midland) , Bunge(state) , Cargill(fine auspicious) , ) of Yi Dafu of Louis Dreyfus(road. They controlled international commissariat to trade 80% of the quantity, forestall China the entrance soja supply of goods of 80% , chinese soja industry, be held to be in by firmly ground the hand of other.
4 big companies, freely China
On July 1 in the morning at 8 o'clock half, open quotation of distance option market has half hour only, 10 thousand the Huang Yuan that amounts to futures (alias) nerve of manager take up, he lets assistant find before today American Ministry of Agriculture announces in the evening soja quarter inventory reported 2008 data. The data that American Ministry of Agriculture publishs decided the beans of Dalian futures exchange dregsed of rice on July 1 prices, that day, the beans dregses of rice 0807 agreement rise 287 a little bit, 0808 rise each with 0809 agreement at 19 o'clock. A wind of ocean the other shore is blown, home market prices criterion dimple blast, this is a when Chinese soja industry brings into global system vivid portraiture.
The entrance of Chinese soja measures the 1/3 above that took amount of commerce of whole world soja, and these entrances, by A, B, C, D4 basically big company is finished, this 4 big companies are to pass buy or oily company of share home large food, obtain soja to import authority then. "Do not say the whole nation, treat the condition of Guangdong, shenzhen blue sky, Dongguan unites fine auspicious, it is be accused by foreign capital, fine auspicious buys in relief Jiang Fengyuan, shenzhen blue sky buys Dongguan rich resource, gu Ye has the share of ADM in. " Wang Ji one by one enumerate, and in the whole nation's large 97 oil company, 64 are controlled by foreign capital, occupied 66% , "Make a person distressed really. "Make a person distressed really..
After business of the food that cross a state controls oil company, begin to import international in great quantities cheap soja. 1996, china turns soja into only import country, arrived 2007, chinese soja imports 30.36 million tons completely, 10 times was 1996, 2000 3 times much.
Arduous run, buy wildly
"Go up century 90 time, american soybean association comes to China run, it is to open a lecture to groom, it is to take an enterprise to make an on-the-spot investigation to northeast and United States, emphasize soja to must be imported, the advantage that introduces use beans to dregs of rice, everybody thinks at that time, is there so good thing? " the process of industry of soja of China of control of foreign capital of king auspicious recall, still feel cannot be at ease, for domestic vigilance not tall and regret, it is American farmer interest to serve actually American soybean association has been made clear inside constitution.
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