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Beans of second half of the year dregses of rice rise the space still exists
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One, soja gross balances a circumstance
1, world soja gross balances a circumstance
Reported according to American Ministry of Agriculture data shows in June, the gross balance relationship of soja of 08/09 year world appears produce be more than needed condition, the takes situation general to have benefit air effect of price of soja of this pair of later period.
2, gross of our country soja balances a circumstance:
Reported according to American Ministry of Agriculture data shows in June, soja of 08/09 year our country still carries the state that produces inadequacy to need, produce need breach to will enlarge 35.05 million tons further, relatively 34.55 million tons of 07/08 year increase 1.45% .
2, prices reviewing
Price of our country soja is fluctuant since first half of the year frequency relatively delay is put somewhat by last year, the market suffers inventory and consumption to affect opposite cold and cheerless finitely.
(one) homebred soybean prices
This quarter to the quarter that relative calm should be for soja, from this year the circumstance looks, although price respect is fluctuant remarkable, but the market trades pattern does not have a change, valence happens from time to tome without city situation, advocate the effect that produces area soja price to lose vane.
(2) entrance soybean prices
This quarter imports soybean stocks as before giant, up to on July 3, reserve of soja of domestic haven entrance is total 3.5 million tons or so, relatively the corresponding period rose last year about 16.67% .
Look from option market, outside this quarter dish futures hype subject matter is quite much, from USDA cultivate intent report to come on stage, go to soja situation form benefit sky to affect, outside bringing about dish drop continuously, but follow stock of later period end move again and again low outside becoming later stage dish go up the impulsion with changeless situation, the abidance that catchs crude oil soares, the flood of fatigued and weak, United States of American economy was become etc outside dish period price falls drop go up the important basis that go up.
Look from respect of merchandise on hand, the one big factor that this quarter brings about international soja price to be not stabilized must end goes on strike to Argentina problem. Argentina is country of production of the 3rd big soybean, be next to the United States and Brazil, but the export side in soybean products, argentina sat however world head an ancient folding chair. Only 2007, the export income such as Argentine bean products and soya-bean oil reachs 130 much dollars, exceed world other country to export the total of income of this kinds of commodity. If just think goes on strike the problem is couldn't get from beginning to end solve, farmer strike brings about soja considerably reduction of output, will bring about international soja price to produce wave motion apparently, price of crop of tired even etc is climbed considerably litre. Although this in June the strike got settlement, but in 45 month when, this became international soja price to reside the main influencing factor that does not play high.
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