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Shandong corn rose in price recently relatively apparent
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Price of Shandong province corn appeared generally recently rise prices, rise extent discretion is differ. Analytic reason basically has the following: One, suffer oil price to rise the transport costs that bring about increases an influence (among them railway transportation expenses one kilometer rises extent distributes fund in 3-7) . 2, wheaten price rises ceaselessly replace effect abate. Shandong area is at present high grade the area already amounted to wheat price parcel 0.85 yuan / jin, do not have basically replace a sense. 3, the company that use food is leading of paragraph of time inactive source of the food in purchasing a process is digested faster, the near future has filling library desire. 4, with respect to eye antecedent condition looks, shandong corn and northeast corn price still are hanged, and northeast corn does not have dropping space and likelihood almost, so Shandong corn price is necessary rational regression. 5, the environmental protection during the Olympic Games is restricted stop production policy produces change once more, market rumor decides Beijing circumference formerly the message that the blowdown inside hundreds kilometer does not amount to prize enterprise to want stop production, turn circumference into 100 kilometers, machine normal production greatly to Shandong place actually and do not have how many influence.
At present highest corn buys company of Shandong province deep treatment price already rose to 0.88 yuan / jin, relatively early days rises 2 minutes, and the feed mill corn of parcel area already also amounted to 0.87 yuan to factory price / jin, but say objectively, shandong place aquaculture is not ideal, blame with birds kind breed the poorest. And trafficker buys valence to go up generally also to 0.83-0.85 from inside farmer hand yuan / jin, in light of actual condition, what amount of the surplus grain in Shandong farmer hand may predict without the market is much.
The personage inside local part course of study thinks Shandong corn price has begun to start, see 0.9 yuan again / jin price time is not far.